Are you searching for some of the unique and stylish mehndi dresses for women 2014? If yes, then here in this post you will see a new and latest trends of mehndi dresses below. As we all know that in the past, mehndi dresses have seen in simple looks and plain stitching styles. Women loved to wear yellow and green dresses on their mehndi occasions, but now days, with the passage of modern time, the trends of mehndi dresses are taken so many changes. The multi colored mehndi dresses trends are in fashion and getting so much popularity day by day. Brides are favoring to wear multi colored dresses on mehndi function. If you want to see some of the striking pictures of mehndi dresses for women 2014 then have a look a them below.

Trends Of Mehndi Dresses For Women 2014

Trends Of Mehndi Dresses For Women 2014 6

If we talk about the muli colored mehndi dresses trends, then there are so many shades that are using to design bridal mehndi dress such as red, green, yellow, pink, purple, mustard, peach and orange. Mostly, bright and bold shades are seeing in bridal mehndi dresses. Magenta and purple are the two main colors that are getting height of fame now a days. The stitching styles are also taking so many importance in mehndi dresses. Now a days, the simple shalwar kameez and short shirt with ghararas are completely out of fashion. Long shirts and frocks with trousers, churidar pajamas and dhaka pajamas have replaced them with their beautiful and appealing looks. Different kind of laces and embroidery are also seeing in mehndi dresses as an embellishments that make the dresses more graceful and attractive in looking.

Trends Of Mehndi Dresses For Women 2014 4

There are so many famous fashion brands and designers have released their trends of mehndi dresses for women 2014. Recently fashion shows have also brought some latest designs of mehndi dresses with uniqueness and stylishness. Here are some of the pictures of latest designs of mehndi dresses below. You will get better idea from these pictures as they are from famous fashion brands and designers collection. Let’s check out them below and visit fashion markets for grabbing on of the best and eye-catching mehndi dress for you now!!

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