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Pakistan Top New Channels – Highest Ranking News Channels 2019

Average rating for all 7 days of the week

We are living in the age of technology, where the world has turned into a global village. Nowadays, media is more powerful than harmful atomic devices as they have provided freedom in the constitution of Pakistan 1973. Due to media and news channels level of awareness has increased in Pakistan. Media has supported in growth efforts of the state and discussion in news channels highlight the issues, exchange arguments, and identify what are reasons or viewpoints of different interest groups.

Pakistani media is also used by the state or organisations to support educational activity. Media in Pakistan has given voice to the neglected public of society. Media reflects the culture and it is the obligation of news media to represent the country to the entire world. There is an excessive competition between the news channels and it has increased to such extent, that they have started to use negative tools to increase their viewership.

Ten Top Rated Pakistani News Channels

Media keeps us informed 24 hours a day. These Pakistani news channels have been ranked on the basis of Pakistani public who rated them from 1 out of 10.

Note: There are lots of viewers asking that on which basis Geo News is ranking on top, and they calling it a wrong list so here we have posted a detailed image of channels. you can find the average rating chart for 7 days below.

Average rating for all 7 days of the week

Average rating for all 7 days of the week

#1 GEO News

Top Rated Pakistani News Channels - Geo News

It is the most well-known news channel of Pakistan. Jang group is the owner of this channel.  It was launched in 2002. The most liked and popular programs of this channel are:

List Of Programs On Geo News

  • Meray Mutabiq
  • Aapas ki Bat
  • Capital Talk
  • Hum Sub Umeed Say Hain
  • Aaj Shahzaib Khanzada Kay Saath
  • Report Card
  • Score
  • Khabarnaak
  • Naya Pakistan
  • Aik Din Geo Kay Saath
  • Jirga
  • Jagnu


Top Rated Pakistani News Channels - Samaa News

Samaa TV launched its services in Pakistan in December 2007. Samaa TV provides live transmission from five significant countries of Pakistan. Its slogan is “Sansani Nahi Sirf khabrain”.

List Of Programs On Samaa TV

  • 30 minutes
  • Aap Ki Baat
  • News Beat
  • Tonight with Jasmeen
  • Subha Sawere Samaa Ke Saath
  • Crime scene
  • Samaa metro
  • Khoji
  • Court No. 5
  • Awaam Ki Awaaz
  • Hum Log
  • Qutb online
  • iSamaa
  • Khufia operation
  • Her Pakistani Main Chupa Ha Aik Hero
  • Mutasreen
  • Crime Week
  • Cafe Meera
  • Tafteesh
  • Meri Kahani Meri Zubani
  • Samaa investigation department
  • Interrogation
  • Zer-e-Bahas


#3 Express News

Top Rated Pakistani News Channels - Express News

It is a Pakistani news channel based in Lahore. This channel was launched on January 1, 2008. It is owned by the Daily Express (Urdu newspaper). The slogan of this news channel is “Har khaber Per Nazer”.

List Of Programs On Express News

  • The Maya Khan Show
  • To The Point
  • Kal Tak
  • Taqreeban Siyasi
  • Yeh Sach Hai Yah Nahi
  • Karachi Mera Hai
  • Baat Sey Baat
  • Express At 9
  • Siyasi Heights
  • Live With Talat
  • Shabbir Tou Deikhe Ga
  • Darling
  • Takrar
  • Siyah Sufaid
  • Shikanja
  • Reporter Pakistani
  • Aisa Karay Ga Tou Marey Ga
  • Yeh Sach Hai Yeh Nahi

#4 ARY News

Top Rated Pakistani News Channels - Ary News

This channel was launched on 26 September 2004. The owner of this channel is ARY Group.  This channel is in two languages English and Urdu. This channel provides immediate news at the time. Its head district is in Karachi, Pakistan.

List Of Programs On ARY News

  • The Reporters
  • Off The Record With Kashi Abbasi
  • Khabr Sey Khabr Tak
  • 11th Hour With Waseem Badami
  • The Morning Show
  • Bhao Taou (Business Analysis)
  • Jahan Bean
  • Saray Aam
  • Power Play
  • Kahay Faqir
  • Eidi Sab Kay Liye
  • Sawal Yeh Hai
  • Jurm Bolta Hai
  • Comment ARY
  • Criminals Most Wanted
  • Umer Shareef Showman

#5 Dunya News

Top Rated Pakistani News Channels - Dunya News

This channel is owned by Mian Amer Mehmood and is operated by National Communication services Private Ltd. Headquarter of this channel is located in Lahore, Pakistan. Its slogan is “Khabar Ki Dunya”.

List Of Programs On Dunya News

  • On the Front
  • Dunya Kamran Khan Kay Saath
  • MazaaQ Raat
  • Nuqta-E-Nazar
  • Peyam-E-Subh
  • Nuqta-E-Nazar
  • Meri Dunya

#6 DAWN News

Top Rated Pakistani News Channels - Dawn News

This channel started its broadcast on 25 May 2007 and its regular transmission started on 23 July 2007. Its headquarter is located in Karachi and it is owned by Dawn Media Group. The slogan of this channel is “Raat Din Saat Din”.

List Of Programs On Dawn News

  • Khabrain
  • Khabar Say Khabar
  • Jaiza
  • Newseye
  • Zarra Hat Ke
  • Yeh Hai Zindagi
  • Zakir’s Kitchen
  • Raid
  • Special
  • Faisla Awam Ka
  • Doosra Rukh
  • The Anupam Kher Show
  • Aap Ki Kahani
  • RKS
  • In Focus

#7 AAJ News

Top Rated Pakistani News Channels - Aaj News

Aaj news was launched on March 23, 2005, and it is owned by the Business Recorder Group. Its head quarter is in Karachi. In the 40 years of its history, it has attained marvellous success. The slogan of this news channel is “Pakistan Ki Awaz”.

List Of Programs On Aaj News

  • Dialogue Tonight With Sidra Iqbal
  • AAJ Rana Mubashir Kay Sath
  • Bolta Pakistan
  • Islamabad Tonight
  • BBC Sairbeen
  • Spot Light
  • Awaz
  • Sawal Hai Pakistan Ka
  • 4 In Focus
  • Aaj Subh
  • Aman Barabri Kay Sath
  • Breakfast To Dinner
  • Kahani Kay Pichey
  • Kahani Pakistani
  • Paisa Bolta Hai
  • Qaidi No.
  • Target
  • Rubaroo
  • 4 Man Show

#8 Abb Takk

Top Rated Pakistani News Channels - Abb Takk News

This channel was launched on 19 April 2013. It is certified by APNA Network. Its head quarter is in Karachi. Music channel 8XM and Apna News channel is also owned by APNA network.

List Of Programs On Abb Takk

  • Not Available Right Now

#9 News One

Top Rated Pakistani News Channels - News One

This channel was launched on November 27, 2007. It is owned by Air Waves Media (Private) Limited and working under the Interflow Group. Its head office is in Karachi, Pakistan. Its slogan is “Such Ki Lagan”.

List Of Programs On News One

  • Live With Dr Shahid Masood
  • Tonigh With Jasmeen
  • 10 Pm With Nadia Mirza
  • Pasay Parda
  • Front Page
  • Sports 1
  • Ghaib Ki Dunya
  • Karwai

#10 92 News

Top Rated Pakistani News Channels - 92 News HD

92 News is an Urdu language first HD television news channel in Pakistan. It was launched in 2015. The label of 92 News is derived from 1992 Cricket World Cup because Pakistan won First ever Cricket World Cup in 1992. Its head office is in Lahore and its slogan is “Ba Khabar, Ba Wasooq”.

List Of Programs On 92 News

  • Hum Dekhain Gaay
  • Subh E Noor
  • Andher Nagri
  • Night Edition
  • Ho Kiya Raha Hai
  • Daleel
  • 92 At 8
  • Baat Hai Pakistan Ki
  • Haal B Haal
  • Follow Up
  • Zair E Behas
  • Hum Pochaingay
  • Choupat Raj
  • Bakhabar Subh


34 thoughts on “Pakistan Top New Channels – Highest Ranking News Channels 2019”

  1. Geo is the most controversial channel in the country then it is out mind that how this traitor network can be ratted as No. 1. this website clearly shows that it is working under some kind of influence or pressure. It is an open secret that Geo is funded by RAW and the owners are working on an agenda to degrade not only ISI, Pak Army but Pakistan as well. This channel must be banned in stead of even including in the race of rating. I also think, and its not only my opinion but every patriotic Pakistani will back my statement that the owners of Geo Network must be behind bars who are continuously involved in treason. And every one is also aware that the owner of Geo Mir. Khaleel ur Rehman is convicted and red warrants are issued by Supreme Court due to treason. Bottom line is that Pakistani people are not even ready to claim Geo as Pakistani channel but a branch of RAW media wing.

  2. I really think this rating is biased. Geo was number one channel but since Bol Tv come, it really showed how much fake and propaganda Geo tv is creating. I am really disappointed that Geo channel creating a lot of misinformation toward viewers. This is the number one reason Geo lost his place. Next Geo is sponsored by india and US. Look their talk show and compare their statement and accusation and then research it you will find out how much truth Geo is providing.

  3. Geo is not No#1 chhanel this website is completly wrong….its work under the Pressure of Geo ghadar…..NO#1 news channel is ARY NEWS..

  4. It’s true Pakistan ma jab tak logh geo par news na sona to trust nai kar ta or geo Pakistan ka nest chalan ha ya huma mana ho gha

  5. I think Ary news is among the top due to “sareyam” and “jurm bolta ha”…..second is geo due to “shahzaib khanzada k sath & “hum sb umedd sy hai”

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