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Top 8 Benefits of Carrot Juice

Carrots are a vegetable devoured for both their edible roots and for the green leafed tops they produce. Health experts consider carrots as one of the definitive well being foods. It is an excellent source of beta carotene, some of which is converted into vitamin A in the body. 100 g carrot cover 80% of the recommended daily allowance of vitamin A. Carrots can be eaten raw or cooked. Carrot juice also brings in good amounts of vitamins B6 and K, as well as B1, B2 , B3, C and E and many minerals , including iron , phosphorus and potassium .

Here Are Top 8 Benefits Of Carrot Juice

Reduce the Risk of Cancer

An essential health advantage of carrots is the anti-cancer effects. Antioxidants (carotene) found in carrots make a vegetable recommended by specialists in the prevention of certain cancers. Regular intake of carrots helps to lower the risk of lung, colorectal and prostate cancers.

Top 8 Benefits of Carrot Juice

2. Protects Eye Health

Carrot is good for the eyes. There are three fundamental nutrients (beta carotene, lutein and zeaxanthin) within carrots which significantly boost eyes health. The carrot has virtues on night vision. One cup of chopped carrots provides 400% of vitamin A and it is good for eye vision. Vitamin A deficiency is actually the number one cause of avoidable blindness around the globe.

Top 8 Benefits of Carrot Juice3. Decreases Risk for Heart Disease and Stroke

Carrots are best for heart patients as well as blood pressure patients. It also lends an effect on blood cholesterol levels and helps reduce the risk of a heart attack. Drinking carrot juice benefits heart health by lowering level of stress. It also improves the body’s immunity power against various forms of cardiovascular disease. Carrots work to lower cholesterol and increases the ability of body to digest fat.

Top 8 Benefits of Carrot Juice

4.  Gives Your Skin a Healthy Glow

Carrots give us our healthy color of skin because of antioxidant properties. Carrots juice helps to protect the skin from the harmful ultraviolet rays of shining sun and also help in fixing damaged skin tissue. Dry skin problems, dermatitis, and other skin blemishes are due to nutrient deficiencies contained in the carrot juice. Carrots can also be used as a poultice to help heal wounds.

Top 8 Benefits of Carrot Juice

 5.  Protects the Liver

Carrot lessens the bile and fat stores in the liver. Liver disease and intestinal disorders are sometimes caused by deficiencies elements carrot juice is rich. Likewise, the solvent fiber in carrots cleanses the liver and colon by encouraging waste elimination. Carrots shield your liver from the deadly impacts of organic chemicals. It helps the body eliminate uric acid, so it is recommended against rheumatism, arthritis, gout.

Top 8 Benefits of Carrot Juice

6. Improves Oral Health

Carrot is recommended for the consolidation and maintenance of the bony structure of the teeth. When this crunchy vegetable is eaten, it rubs off plaque and food particles and in this manner keeps the teeth and gums clean. Carrots also stimulate the production of alkaline saliva, preventing its acidity and thus it prevents cavities, halitosis and other oral health issues. Carrots are additionally a good source of vitamin C.

Top 8 Benefits of Carrot Juice

7. Beneficial for Pregnancy

Carrots juice is profoundly suggested and good for pre-birth baby health on the grounds that the vitamin A and C are significant for embryonic development. Intake of carrot juice during pregnancy is a delightful way to get the supplements that mother and child need. In the last months of pregnancy, carrot juice consumed in great quantity is a factor reducing the risk of puerperal fever after childbirth.

Top 8 Benefits of Carrot Juice


8. Weight Control

For those who want to lose their weight carrot juice is the right choice.  They promote better digestion, stabilize the cholesterol in the blood and help to lose weight. However, be careful not to eat too much raw carrots a day, you could create the opposite effect to that intended. Carrot juice is a rich supply of essential vitamins and minerals. Make it a habit to drink carrot juice several times a week. You can combine it with other juices i.e. apples and beets.

Top 8 Benefits of Carrot Juice


Try these 8 Benefits of Carrot Juice To get the greater part of the nutrition’s and values for carrot juicing, you should juice with raw carrots. Never accept this valuable type of juice in a can or bottle. Canned or packaged juice contains less defensive components required by the body to look after wellbeing.

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