Top 10 Pakistani Bridal Dress Designers 2018


Every single year there are so many talented and best designers that are moving forward in the fashion world of Pakistan to make their big name. Well new designers make the start of their career as being the designer by putting some well known fashion designer as the inspiration for them. Fashion world of Pakistan is flooded with the top known and best bridal dress designers in Pakistan! Here is the list!

Top 10 Pakistani Bridal Dress Designers

Top 10 Pakistani Bridal Dress Designers 2016

10. Fahad Hussayn:

Top 10 Pakistani Bridal Dress Designers 20160010

Fahad Hussayn has done with his graduation from the Beacon House National University and hence then he started with his journey as the known fashion designer in Pakistan fashion market. This designer basically put himself in working out the mixture of both traditional and modern designs.

9. Sana Hashwani and Safinaz Muneer (Sana Safinaz):

Top 10 Pakistani Bridal Dress Designers 2016009

On the ninth spot we capture the name of Sana Safinaz! This brand is run and supervised by the joint collaboration of the two talented ladies known as Sana Hashwani and Safinaz Muneer which is known as Sana Safinaz. They not just offer with bridal and haute couture dresses but even comes with their lawn and seasonal collections in summer timings.

8. Asifa & Nabeel:

Top 10 Pakistani Bridal Dress Designers 2016008

Asifa & Nabeel is a newly talented and energetic famous fashion dress designers in Pakistan. This fashion house believes in offering the creative designs and styles in their dresses that hence end up their dresses to be out of this world looking for the fashion lovers. In their main product lines we have bridal wear, formal wear, semi formal wear, sarees and western wear.

7. Maria B:

Top 10 Pakistani Bridal Dress Designers 2016007

On the next we have the name of Maria B! Maria B is not just a known name of Pakistan but is even identified in the place of New York and Paris. This brand has made the best place by starting its voyage from the cotton shalwar kameez and the embroidered evening wear. She has finished her education from the Pakistan School of Fashion Designing (PFSD) and then she launched her dress brand in 1999.

6. Deepak Perwani:

Top 10 Pakistani Bridal Dress Designers 2016006

Deepak Perwani stands at the sixth position to be one of the fashion icon designers of Pakistan. This designer travel all the way from India to Pakistan and has made his best place in just the starting of the career. His bridal collections are not just meant for the women but even for the groom wear too. In favor of his designing services he has been honored with so many awards too adding with Dubai Fashion Show, Lux Style Awards and Zargali Premier.

5. Mehdi:

Top 10 Pakistani Bridal Dress Designers 2016005

The fifth spot is added up with the name of Mehdi! This brand has always remain as the first choice of the brides for the bridal wear. This brand has made themselves to be one of the fastest growing clothing houses in just the small time period of the career.

4. Karma:

Top 10 Pakistani Bridal Dress Designers 2016004

Karma is another one of the best fashion clothing brands in Pakistan. This brand is run and supervised by the talented Maheen Kardar. This brand is just engaged in giving out with their exceptional services of clothing for the women in which they offer the bridal, pret and haute couture clothing collections.

3. Umar Sayeed:

Top 10 Pakistani Bridal Dress Designers 2016003

Umar Sayeed has been spotted at the third stand as one of the well known finest fashion designers of Pakistan. He has made a big name through his bridal wear collections. The way he put together the stylish and graceful images under one section has been always loved by the men and women. His bridal dresses are the utmost dream of every single woman to be worn on their main wedding day.

2. Nomi Ansari:

Top 10 Pakistani Bridal Dress Designers 2016002

On the second spot we have Nomi Ansari! When it comes to elegance and traditional under one shelter then we always take the name of this designer. His bridal collections have always taken away the heart beats of the men an dwomen. He is although one of the new designers but still he has taken back home so many appreciations and praise. He has been much attentive in offering with the prêt dresses and party wear. He also participated in some big fashion shows too.

1. HSY:

Top 10 Pakistani Bridal Dress Designers 2016001

At the top of the list we have the name of HSY as famously known all over the world with the name of Hassan Shehreyar Yasin. He has been counted out to be the leading fashion designers in Pakistan. He has even made his big name in the international fashion market as well in just the beginning of the career. He has been infused in offering with the men and women clothing collections that spins around the party wear, couture wear, pret wear and bridal wear along with groom wear. In the year 2000 he started his journey. He has even initiated with the business career of Jewelry designing in 2007 just by introducing the HSY jewelry brand.

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