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Top 10 Female Teachers In The World

A teacher is one that kind of personality that enriches and explore out the potential and abilities of a student. He or she further polishes the mind of a student. A good and an understanding teacher makes his student a successful one. The success and strong career of any of the student is just because of the fact that he or she has a good and an understanding teacher in his life.
Here we will be able to check out the top 10 female teachers in this world, let us all check out their details. We are sure that by looking at the details, you will get this analysis that these female teachers are not restricted to their teaching field but they have also proven theirselves in other fields also. Check out the below written information:

Top 10 Female Teachers In The World

Top 10 Female Teachers In The World

10. Ayn Rand


She had been a Russian-American novelist. She was also used to be a philosopher. If we talk about her famous novels then they were ‘Atlas Shrugged’, her other famous novel was ‘The Fountainhead’ and also ‘Anthem’. It was just because of her best-selling novels that she got the title of being the best one female teacher. She had admired many of the people and that too all over the world.

9. Margaret Hamilton


Margaret Brainard Hamilton is at the 9th spot on our list as being the most famous known female teachers in the world. She grew to much fame all because of her role appearance in the American film known as The Wizard of Oz. She has been linked with the profession of the teaching for almost 7 years before she move into acting profession.

8. Maxine Waters


She has been the U.S. Representative for that of the California’s 43rd congressional district. She has also been member of the Democratic Party and right now currently serving in the United States Congress. She is a teacher too by profession, she is a great mentor also.

7. Roberta Bondar


Roberta Bondar is basically reputable known out to be the Canada’s first female astronaut and all along with the first neurologist in the place of the space. She has work out as being the space medicine head in the NASA. Later on she moved on to the profession for working out to be as the main speaker and the consultant advisor in the business and along with the medical field. She has been honored with so many titles in her so far professional career.

6. Dorothy Ann Willis Richards


Dorothy Ann Willis Richards was used to be an American politician. She had delivered many of the keynote address right at the 1988 Democratic National Convention. She died at the age of 73.

5. Nancie Atwell, USA


Nancie is coming out to be one of the best authors in the field of the teaching. She has been involved in studying the subject of the English Literature and often made herself to be the part of so many workshops too. She has been also the founder of he Center for Teaching and Learning.

4. Esperanza Spalding


Her age is 31, we have seen that she is a Bassist, she is also a Musician and a Singer to. By profession, she is also a Teacher. She is the winner of four Grammy Awards.

3. Kiran Bir Sethi, India


Standing next on our list is the women from India! She do the teaching philosophy that is all about the designing and yet the thinking concepts. In the year 2001 she put the foundation of the Riverside School inside India.

2. Erica Jong


Her age is 74. She had been an American author. She is the best teacher and best known because of her work in the field of fiction and also poetry.

1. Ann Richards


On the last and yet on the top of our list we would bring up the name of Ann Richards. She has given her best services as being the American political leader all along as being the 45th Governor of Texas.


So these are the top 10 and best female teachers in this world. You should be proud on yourself if you have learnt something from these teachers. These are the genuine teachers and we think that each and every teacher in this world should be like them. Each and every student will be able to excel in all of the fields if they will be getting teachers like these! Just stay tuned with us because we will keep on be letting you know more about the best and the top most female teachers. Time to learn some thing from these super teachers and it is the time to make your career and future more super by taking help from these teachers.

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