Ramadan 2016 Timings


Ramazan 2016 is coming ahead and Everyone seems to be very busy in the preparation for this holy month. Here is the complete schedule and details of Ramadan 2016 timings with its days and Sehr-o-Iftaar which will help you to get the right schedule of Ramadan 2016 in Pakistan. You can find the both Fiqas (Fiqah e Jafariya Ramazan & Fiqah e Hanafi) timings on this page. This ramadan 2016 calendar is authorized by the Pakistan’s Islamic Council. This Ramadan Calendar is for Pakistan only and if you want to see the timing of your city then you can find them in the end of the post.

Sehr-o-Iftar Time (Hanafi)

      Iftaari         Sehri                  Day                  Ramadan

7:21 pm4:13 amWed08 June1
7:22 pm4:13 amThu09 June2
7:22 pm4:13 amFri10 June3
7:22 pm4:13 amSat11 June4
7:23 pm4:13 amSun12 June5
7:23 pm4:13 amMon13 June6
7:23 pm4:13 amTue14 June7
7:24 pm4:13 amWed15 June8
7:24 pm4:13 amThu16 June9
7:24 pm4:13 amFri17 June10
7:24 pm4:13 amSat18 June11
7:25 pm4:14 amSun19 June12
7:25 pm4:14 amMon20 June13
7:25 pm4:14 amTue21 June14
7:25 pm4:14 amWed22 June15
7:26 pm4:14 amThu23 June16
7:26 pm4:15 amFri24 June17
7:26 pm4:15 amSat25 June18
7:26 pm4:15 amSun26 June19
7:26 pm4:16 amMon27 June20
7:26 pm4:16 amTue28 June21
7:26 pm4:16 amWed29 June22
7:26 pm4:17 amThu30 June23
7:26 pm4:17 amFri01 July24
7:26 pm4:18 amSat02 July25
7:26 pm4:18 amSun03 July26
7:26 pm4:19 amMon04 July27
7:26 pm4:19 amTue05 July28
7:26 pm4:20 amWed06 July29
7:26 pm4:20 amThu07 July30


Sehr-o-Iftaar (Jafariya)

          Iftaari                      Sehri                 Day                    Ramadan

07:31 pm04:03 amWed08 June1
07:32 pm04:03 amThu09 June2
07:32 pm04:03 amFri10 June3
07:32 pm04:03 amSat11 June4
07:33 pm04:03 amSun12 June5
07:33 pm04:03 amMon13 June6
07:33 pm04:03 amTue14 June7
07:34 pm04:03 amWed15 June8
07:34 pm04:03 amThu16 June9
07:34 pm04:03 amFri17 June10
07:34 pm04:03 amSat18 June11
07:35 pm04:04 amSun19 June12
07:35 pm04:04 amMon20 June13
07:35 pm04:04 amTue21 June14
07:35 pm04:04 amWed22 June15
07:36 pm04:04 amThu23 June16
07:36 pm04:05 amFri24 June17
07:36 pm04:05 amSat25 June18
07:36 pm04:05 amSun26 June19
07:36 pm04:06 amMon27 June20
07:36 pm04:06 amTue28 June21
07:36 pm04:06 amWed29 June22
07:36 pm04:07 amThu30 June23
07:36 pm04:07 amFri01 July24
07:36 pm04:08 amSat02 July25
07:36 pm04:08 amSun03 July26
07:36 pm04:09 amMon04 July27
07:36 pm04:09 amTue05 July28
07:36 pm04:10 amWed06 July29
07:36 pm04:10 amThu07 July30

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