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Pakistan Super League 2017, Teams, Squads, Players

Pakistan Super League 2017

Pakistan Super League is Pakistan’s first Men’s Twenty20 tournament where 5 professional first class cricket players team up and compete to win the trophy. There are 6 teams from 5 major cities of Pakistan Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar, and Quetta are the contestant in Pakistan Super League 2017. These teams are owned by individual investors from Pakistan.

In Pakistan Super League 2016, Islamabad United played and gave its outrageous performance under the captaincy of Misbah Ul Haq and won the trophy. Now the time comes again and the battlefield will be ready for the next cricket war which is scheduled in February 2017.

Pakistan Super League 2017, Teams And Players List

Pakistan Super League 2017

In this article, you will find the complete detail of Pakistan Super League teams and their top player list. There are 6 teams named as Islamabad United, Lahore Qalandars, Karachi Kings, Quetta Gladiators, and Peshawar Zalmi, and 300 players from 11 countries are going to participate in this mega cricket Twenty20 event in UAE. Let’s check out the complete list of these players along with their details.

Pakistan Super League 2017

Pakistan Super League 2017 Teams

Team City/Province OwnerPrice CaptainHead Coach
Islamabad United Islamabad, Capital Territory Leonine Global Sports
(Ali Naqvi & Amna Naqvi)
US$15 Million (Ten Year Agreement) Misbah-ul-Haq Dean Jones
Lahore Qalandars Lahore, Punjab Qatar Lubricants Company Limited
(Fawad Rana, MD)
US$25 Million (Ten Year Agreement) Brendon McCullum
Paddy Upton
Karachi Kings Karachi, Sindh ARY Media Group
(Salman Iqbal, CEO)
US$26 Million (Ten Year Agreement) Ravi Bopara Mickey Arthur
Quetta Gladiators Quetta, Balochistan Omar Associates
(Nadeem Omar, Director)
US$11 Million (Ten Year Agreement) Sarfraz Ahmed Moin Khan
Peshawar Zalmi Peshawar, Khyber Pakthunkhwa Haier Pakistan
(Javed Afridi, CEO)
US$16 Million (Ten Year Agreement) Shahid Afridi Mohammad Akram

Islamabad United Players And Team Information

Islamabad United Players List

NameNationalityBatting StyleBowling StyleJoinedRole
Sharjeel KhanPakistan TeamLeft-handRight-arm leg spin2016Batsman
Misbah-ul-Haq (c)Pakistan TeamRight-hand2016Batsman
Khalid LatifPakistan TeamRight-handRight-arm off Spin2016Batsman
Hussain TalatPakistan TeamLeft-handRight arm medium2016Batsman
Asif AliPakistan TeamRight-handRight-arm Medium-Fast2016Batsman
Shane WatsonAustralia TeamRight-handRight arm fast medium2016All-Rounders
Shadab KhanPakistan TeamRight-handRight-arm Leg-break2017All-Rounders
Dwayne SmithwestindiesRight-handRight-arm Medium2016All-Rounders
Zohaib KhanPakistan TeamRight-handSlow Left-arm Orthodox2017All-Rounders
Andre RussellwestindiesRight-handRight arm Fast2016All-Rounders
Sam BillingsEngland TeamRight-hand2016Wicket-keeper
Ben DuckettEngland TeamLeft-handRight-arm offbreak2017Wicket-keeper
Brad HaddinAustralia TeamRight-hand2016Wicket-keeper
Saeed AjmalPakistan TeamRight-handRight arm off Spin2016Bowler
Mohammad IrfanPakistan TeamRight-handLeft arm fast2016Bowler
Mohammad SamiPakistan TeamRight-handRight arm fast2016Bowler
Samuel BadreewestindiesRight-handRight arm leg spin2016Bowler
Rumman RaeesPakistan TeamRight-handLeft arm medium fast2016Bowler
Amad ButtPakistan TeamRight-handRight arm fast2016Bowler
Imran KhalidPakistan TeamLeft-handLeft arm orthodox spin2016Bowler

Islamabad United Management And Coaching Staff

Leonine Global SportsOwner
Pakistan Team Wasim AkramDirector/Bowling Coach
Australia Team Dean JonesHead Coach
Pakistan Team Tauseef AhmedAssistant Coach
Australia Team Darren BerryFielding Coach
Pakistan Team Rehan ul HaqCo-Manager
Pakistan Team Hassan CheemaCo-Manager

Islamabad United Captains

1Pakistan TeamMisbah-ul-Haq2016Present181080055,56
2Australia TeamShane Watson201620162110050.00

Islamabad United Result Summary


Islamabad United Head-to-head Record

OppositionSpanMatchWonLostTiedNRSuccess Rate
Karachi Kings2016–present6330050.00%
Lahore Qalandars2016–present2200050.00%
Peshawar Zalmi2016–present3120060.00%
Quetta Gladiators2016–present3120060.00%
Multan Sultans0000000.00%

Lahore Qalandars Players And Team Information

Lahore Qalandars Players List

NameNationalityBatting StyleBowling StyleJoinedRoleNotes
Saif BadarPakistan TeamRight-handLegbreak, Googly2017Batsman
Azhar AliPakistan TeamRight-handRight-Arm Legbreak2016
Brendon McCullumnewzealandRight-handRight-arm Medium2017BatsmanOverseas/Captain/Batting Mentor
Cameron DelportsouthafricaLeft handRight-arm Medium2016BatsmanOverseas
Fakhar ZamanPakistan TeamLeft-handLeft-arm Orthodox spin2017Batsman
Bilawal BhattiPakistan TeamRight-handRight-arm Fast2017All-rounder
Anton DevcichnewzealandLeft-handLeft-arm slow Orthodox2017All-rounder
Usman QadirPakistan TeamLeft-handRight-arm Leg-break2017All-rounder
Dwayne BravowestindiesRight-handRight-arm Medium-fast2016All-rounder
Sohail TanvirPakistan TeamLeft-HandLeft-arm Medium-fast2017All-rounder
Aamer YaminPakistan TeamRight-HandRight-arm Medium-fast2017All-rounder
Grant ElliottnewzealandRight-handRight-arm Fast Medium2017All-rounder
Mohammad RizwanPakistan TeamRight-hand2016Wicket-keeper
Umar AkmalPakistan TeamRight-hand2016Wicket-keeper
Ghulam MudassarPakistan TeamRight-handLeft-arm Fast-Medium2017Bowler
Shaun TaitAustralia TeamRight-handRight-arm Fast2017BowlerOverseas
Sunil NarinewestindiesLeft-handRight-arm off-spin2017BowlerOverseas
Yasir ShahPakistan TeamRight-handRight-arm Leg-spin2017Bowler
Zafar GoharPakistan TeamLeft-handSlowerLeft-arm Orthodox2016Bowler
Mohammad IrfanPakistan TeamLeft-handRight-arm Leg Spin2017Bowler

Lahore Qalandars Management And Coaching Staff

Pakistan Team Rana FawadOwner
Pakistan Team Rana AtifCEO
Pakistan Team Rana SameenManager
southafrica Paddy UptonHead Coach/Fitness Trainer
Pakistan Team Shahid AslamAssistant Coach
Australia Team Shawn BradstreetFielding Coach
Pakistan Team Aqib JavedDirector
Pakistan Team Mudassar NazarAdvisor & Icon
Pakistan Team Ijaz AhmedBatting Coach & Consultant
Australia Team John GlosterPhysio

Lahore Qalandars Captains

1Pakistan TeamAzhar Ali201620167250028.57
2westindiesDwayne Bravo201620161010000.00

Lahore Qalandars Result Summary

20168260025.00%5thGroup Stage

Lahore Qalandars Head-to-head Record

OppositionSpanMatWonLostTiedNRSuccess Rate
Islamabad United2016–present202000.00%
Karachi Kings2016–present202000.00%
Peshawar Zalmi2016–present2110050.00%
Quetta Gladiators2016–present2110050.00%

Karachi Kings Players And Team Information

Karachi Kings Players List

NameNationalityBatting styleBowling styleJoinedRoleNotes
Babar AzamPakistan TeamRight-handRight-arm off spin2017Batsman
Khurram ManzoorPakistan TeamRight-handRight-arm Offbreak2017Batsman
Shahzaib HasanPakistan TeamRight-handRight-arm Offbreak2016Batsman
Chris GaylewestindiesLeft-handRight-Arm Offbreak2017BatsmenOverseas
Mahela JayawardenesrilankaRight-handRight-arm Medium2017BatsmanOverseas
Shoaib MalikPakistan TeamRight-handRight-arm off spin2016All-rounder
Kashif BhattiPakistan TeamRight-handSlow Left-arm Orthodox2017All-rounder
Imad WasimPakistan TeamLeft-HandSlow Left-arm Orthodox2016All-rounder
Aammad AlamPakistan Team--2017All-rounder
Ryan McLarensouthafricaRight-handRight-arm Fast2017All-rounder
Kieron PollardwestindiesRight-handRight-Arm Medium2017All-rounder
Ravi BoparaEngland TeamRight-handRight Arm Medium Fast2016All-rounder
Kumar SangakkarasrilankaLeft-hand2017Wicket-keeper
Overseas, Captain
Saifullah BangashPakistan TeamRight-Hand2016Wicket-keeper
Mohammad AmirPakistan TeamLeft-handLeft-arm Fast2016Bowler
Rahat AliPakistan TeamRight-handLeft-arm fast2017Bowler
Sohail KhanPakistan TeamRight-HandRight-Arm Fast2016Bowler
Usama MirPakistan TeamRight-handRight-arm Leg spin2016Bowler
Abrar AhmedPakistan Team--2017Bowler
Abdul AmeerPakistan Team--2017Bowler

Karachi Kings Management And Coaching Staff

Pakistan Team Salman IqbalOwner
Pakistan Team Tariq WasiCEO
southafrica Mickey ArthurHead coach
Pakistan Team Azhar MehmoodAssistant coach
Pakistan Team Rashid LatifDirector
Pakistan Team Abdul MajeedFielding coach
Pakistan Team Asad AliPhysio
Pakistan Team Muhammad AsimAnalyst

Karachi King Captains

1Pakistan TeamShoaib Malik201620168260025.00
2England TeamRavi Bopara20162016101000.00
3Sri Lanka TeamKumar Sangakkara2017201710550050.00
4Pakistan TeamImad Wasim2018present000000,00

Karachi King Result Summary


Karachi Kings Head-to-head Record

OppositionSpanMatchWonLostTiedNRSuccess Rate
Islamabad United2016–present6330050.00%
Lahore Qalandars2016–present4310075.00%
Peshawar Zalmi2016–present5130020.00%
Quetta Gladiators2016–present404000.00%
Multan Sultans2018000000.00%

Quetta Gladiators Players And Team Information

Quetta Gladiators Players List

NameNationalityBatting StyleBowling StyleJoinedRoleNotes
Ahmed ShehzadPakistan TeamRight-handRight-arm Leg break2016Batsman
Kevin PietersenEngland TeamRight-handRight-arm Off Break2016BatsmanOverseas/first pick/icon player
Asad ShafiqPakistan TeamRight-handRight-arm Off break2016Batsman
Saad NasimPakistan TeamRight-handRight-arm Leg break2016Batsman
Rovman PowellwestindiesRight-handRight-arm Medium-Fast2017Batsman
Anwar AliPakistan TeamRight-handRight arm Fast medium2016All-rounder
Umar AminPakistan TeamLeft-handRight-arm medium2017All-rounder
Mohammad NawazPakistan TeamRight-handSlow Left Arm Orthodox2016All-rounder
Luke WrightEngland TeamRight-handRight Arm Medium Fast2016All-rounder
David WilleyEngland TeamLeft-HandLeft Arm Fast-Medium2017All-rounder
Carlos BrathwaitewestindiesRight-handRight-arm Fast Medium2017All-rounder
Mohammad NabiafghanistanRight-handRight-arm off spin2016All-rounderOverseas
Sarfraz AhmedPakistan TeamRight-hand2016Wicket-keeper
Bismillah KhanPakistan TeamRight-hand2016Wicket-keeper
Umar GulPakistan TeamRight-handRight-arm Fast2016Bowler
Tymal MillsEngland TeamRight-handLeft-arm Fast2017BowlerOverseas
Zulfiqar BabarPakistan TeamRight-handSlow Left-arm Orthodox2016Bowler
Mir HamzaPakistan TeamRight-handLeft-arm Medium Fast2017Bowler
Hasan KhanPakistan Team--2017Bowler
Noor WaliPakistan TeamRight-handRight-arm Medium2017Bowler

Quetta Gladiators Management And Coaching Staff

Pakistan Team Nadeem Omar (Omar Associates)Owner
Pakistan Team Moin KhanHead coach
Pakistan Team Abdul RazzaqAssistant/Bowling coach
westindies Sir Viv RichardsBatting coach/Mentor
England Team Julien FountainFielding coach

Quetta Gladiators Captains

1Pakistan TeamSarfraz Ahmed2016-10730070.00

Quetta Gladiators Result Summary


Quetta Gladiators Head-to-head Record

OppositionSpanMatchWonLostTiedNRSuccess Rate
Islamabad United2016–present3210066.66%
Karachi Kings2016–present22000100.00%
Lahore Qalandars2016–present2110050.00%
Peshawar Zalmi2016–present3210066.66%

Peshawar Zalmi Players And Team Information

Peshawar Zalmi Players List

NameNationalityBatting styleBowling styleJoinedRole
Darren Sammy (c)westindiesRight-handRight-arm Medium Fast2016All-rounder
Mohammad HafeezPakistan TeamRight-handRight-arm off Spin2016Batsman
Tamim IqbalbangladeshLeft-hand2016Batsman
Sohaib MaqsoodPakistan TeamRight-handRight-arm Offbreak2017Batsman
Iftikhar AhmedPakistan TeamRight-handRight-arm off spin2017Batsman
Alex HalesEngland TeamRight-handRight-arm Medium2017Batsman
Eoin MorganEngland TeamLeft-HandRight Arm Medium Fast2017Batsman
Khushdil ShahPakistan TeamLeft-handLeft-arm Orthodox2017Batsman
Shahid AfridiPakistan TeamRight-handRight-Arm Leg Spin2016All-rounder
Haris SohailPakistan TeamLeft-handLeft-arm Orthodox2017All-rounder
Shakib Al HasanbangladeshLeft-handSlow Left-arm Orthodox2017All-rounder
Kamran AkmalPakistan TeamRight-hand2016Wicket-keeper
Mohammad ShahzadafghanistanRight-hand2017Wicket-keeper
Mohammad AsgharPakistan TeamLeft-HandLeft Arm Spinner2016Bowler
Junaid KhanPakistan TeamLeft-handLeft-arm Fast2016Bowler
Wahab RiazPakistan TeamRight-handLeft-arm Fast2016Bowler
Chris JordanEngland TeamRight-handRight arm Fast2017Bowler
Imran KhanPakistan TeamRight-handLeft-arm Medium Fast2016Bowler
Hasan AliPakistan TeamRight-HandRight Arm Medium Fast2016Bowler
Irfan KhanPakistan Team--2017Bowler

Peshawar Zalmi Management And Coaching Staff

Pakistan Team Javed Afridi (Haier Pakistan)Owner
Pakistan Team Zeeshan AfzalCEO
Pakistan Team Hamid Hussain & Muhammad YaqoobHead of Marketing and Brand Building - MEA region
Pakistan Team Abdul RehmanManager
Pakistan Team Shahid AfridiPresident Peshawar Zalmi
Pakistan Team Mohammad AkramHead Coach/Director
Pakistan Team Younis KhanBatting Coach/Mentor
southafrica Grant LudenFielding Coach/Fitness Trainer
Pakistan Team Ibrahim QureshiAssistant Trainer
Bradley Ian RobinsonPhysio
Pakistan Team Usman HashmiAnalyst

Peshawar Zalmi Captains

1Pakistan TeamShahid Afridi2016201610640060.00
2westindiesDarren Sammy2017present11640160.00

Peshawar Zalmi Result Summary


Peshawar Zalmi Head-to-head Record

OppositionSpanMatchWonLostTiedNRSuccess rate
Islamabad United2016–present5230040.00%
Karachi Kings2016–present5410080.00%
Lahore Qalandars2016–present4310075.00%
Quetta Gladiators2016–present7330150.00%
Multan Sultans2018000000.00

Team Records

TeamSpanMatchesWonLostTie & WonTie & LostNo ResultWin %
Islamabad United2016–present117400063.66%
Quetta Gladiators2016–present107300070.00%
Peshawar Zalmi2016–present106400060.00%
Lahore Qalandars2016–present82600025.00%
Karachi Kings2016–present92700022.22%

PSL 2017 Prize Money

StagePrize Money
Individual Award Winners$400,000


These are the teams and players list for Pakistan Super League 2017 which is going to start on coming February. We will keep you updated with every bit of this Twenty20 league such as teams news, points table, rankings, and standings. If you think you can contribute anything on this event update with us then feel free to contact us at or you can post your comment in the message box below.

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