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Pakistan National Bird And Animal – Complete Details

Pakistan National Bird and Animal

No doubt Pakistan is a land of endless beauty. The huge mountains, beautiful valleys, largest mines, amazing beaches and beautiful waterfalls, Pakistan has it all. Pakistan is one of the biggest economies as well.

There are lots of things and places can be discussed on Pakistan but in this post, we will share you the Pakistan National Bird and Animal. The national animal of Pakistan is Markhor (in English: Capra Falconeri) and the national bird of Pakistan is Chakor (in English: Chukar Partridge), both of these animal and bird are beautiful and rare in the world.

Pakistan National Bird And Animal

Let’s check the details of this national animal and bird.

Markhor (in English: Capra Falconeri)

Pakistan National Bird and Animal

Markhor is a national animal of Pakistan, which mostly lives in Northern Areas of Pakistan such as Chitral, Kashmir, Gilgit and Hunza. Markhor has a grey and black with long hair on his chin, chest and body. It also has long curvy antlers on the head which enhances its beauty. Female markhor is reddish in colour with a short beard. Markhor likes to live in those areas where they find cluster on the rock in the winter season. They move to greenish areas when Fall season comes. Markhor is an aggressive animal in behaviour.

Chakor (in English: Chukar Partridge)

Pakistan National Bird and Animal

Chakor is one of the beautiful bird in the world. They are mostly found in Newzealand and other European countries. Chakor is also a national bird of Pakistan which mostly found in northern areas of Pakistan. Chakor is known for it’s shy and aggressive behaviour. Chakor likes to move in groups and they mostly bread in the summer season.

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