Trackreps - Track Your Representative's Performance in KP

Now, tracking the MNA’s and MPA’s records and performance is easy for KPK citizens. KPK’s students from various universities and education sector have developed a mobile application TrackReps which will track the performance and records of your area’s MNA or MPA.

This Application is developed by the students of KPK and they introduced this APP at Peshawar Press Club. The Application has a database of elected National and Provincial Assembly members, their bills, their performance and current ongoing projects.

This application will help people to check the results of assembly members so they can vote the right candidates in next election. The idea and brain behind this Application is by Shehroz Rashid, he said that TrackReps will help to find the transparency of the election and members.

Trackreps - Track Your Representative's Performance in KP

The founder of this App says that they will introduce this App for every province of Pakistan. This is really a big achievement by KP students because the election transparency is the most important factor in Pakistan. With the help of this App, you can vote the right candidate in your area for the betterment of Pakistan.

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