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12 Jaw Dropping Cutting Edge Technology

Do you know that which 12 main jaw dropping Cutting Edge Technology are soon going to explode on the planet? Well we all know that with the passage of time the world of science has bring about with so much improvements in itself and each single time they are coming up with the new technologies that has bring much comfort zone in the lifestyle of any person. No matter whether the technology is about the medicine, science, entertainment or the health it has always made its best place among the people.
Do you want to learn that about which 12 main jaw dropping Cutting Edge Technology we are talking about? For knowing about all those technologies just hold your heart beats because while reading about them you will 100% going to forget blinking your eyes. Below we will be having a complete discussion about the main and most 12 important jaw dropping cutting edge technologies that are making their best place in the minds of the people. Let’s have a quick look at all of them!

12 Jaw Dropping Cutting Edge Technology

12 Jaw Dropping Cutting Edge Technology

12. Bit Coin:

12 Jaw Dropping Cutting Edge Technology-Bit Coin

This technology is all about the electronic currency that is often making the use of the data trail all along with the various time signatures to track the “bit coin” from one owner to another. Thus it even make you provide with the symbolic hard currency for electronic transactions.

11. Floating Nuclear Power plants:

12 Jaw Dropping Cutting Edge Technology-Floating Nuclear Power plants

These days Russia is all set to announce with the project of the floating nuclear power plant. It will be best used for the sake of supplying energy to locations. This concept of the whole project has been hence added up with the naval propulsion reactors onto floating platforms.

10. A Closet that Lets Skip the Dry Cleaners:

12 Jaw Dropping Cutting Edge Technology-A Closet that Lets Skip the Dry Cleaners

What if you are given a closet that can dry clean the clothes? LG Styler has newly introduced with the latest technology of the cupboard that steams your clothes at home. As you will switch on the closet it will hence fills with hot steam and vibrating hangers gently shake back and forth. It will be perfectly going to remove off the wrinkles and deodorize the clothing. It has the market cost of around $2,000.

9. Space-Based Solar Energy:

12 Jaw Dropping Cutting Edge Technology-Space-Based Solar Energy

Space-based solar energy technology is the form of Cutting Edge Technology that is all featured up with the access of the assembling and maintaining vast arrays of solar panels in space. This technology is said to be the just solution for the purpose of the earth-based solar collection.

8. Artificial Intelligence:

12 Jaw Dropping Cutting Edge Technology0-Artificial Intelligence

In the 8th spot we will be mentioning about the artificial intelligence! This technology has been all included with the creation of machines that hence do possess artificial consciousness or self-awareness just like the humans.

7. Dual-Action Antibodies:

12 Jaw Dropping Cutting Edge Technology-Dual-Action Antibodies

This Cutting Edge Technology is coming out to be one of the excellent ways through which a person would be able to fight unrepeatable health conditions such as cancer and sexually transmitted diseases included with the AIDS. These dual-action antibodies can hence easily cure diseases all the way through drugs.

6. Sports Car of Tomorrow:

12 Jaw Dropping Cutting Edge Technology-Sports Car of Tomorrow

The BMW i Vision Future Interaction is known out to be the concept car that takes self-driving cars right into the next level. This car has been offering its drivers with the three different driving modes that is added with the automated one where the car drives itself. The second mode has been the hype that is all surrounding the car’s debut centers on BMW’s Air-touch technology. It is often included with the 21-inch display screen.

5. Quantum Teleportation:

12 Jaw Dropping Cutting Edge Technology-Quantum Teleportation

On the 5th spot of Cutting Edge Technology we have the name of the Quantum teleportation! This technology is all about the straight transfer of a quantum state from the one location to another. It is mentioned out to be the link that exists just as in between certain particles.

4. Sensorwake Alarm Clock:

12 Jaw Dropping Cutting Edge Technology-Sensorwake Alarm Clock

An aroma module has been put right inside the Sensorwake alarm clock just as during “CES Unveiled,”. This alarm clock will be performing its tasks according to your scent. It has been just perfect designed to gently wake you up at the programmed time. Its market price is about $109.

3. Self-Diagnostic Medicine:

12 Jaw Dropping Cutting Edge Technology-Self-Diagnostic Medicine

Self-diagnostic medicine is known out to be the Cutting Edge Technology that that will definitely going to provide out with the effective alternative to medical consultations.

2. Engineered Stem Cells:

12 Jaw Dropping Cutting Edge Technology-Engineered Stem Cells

The main purpose of this Cutting Edge Technology is all about to revolutionize the way medical practitioners screen drugs as well as along with the study disease. Through the helping hand of cells from patients in the company of various diseases any sort of it can be cured out.

1. Ninebot Segwey Robot:

12 Jaw Dropping Cutting Edge Technology-Ninebot Segwey Robot

On the last and at the top of the list of Cutting Edge Technology we do have the name of the Ninebot Segwey Robot! It is normally taken out to be the hover board butler that has been all set with the two blinking eyes as well as a monotone robotic voice and yet the tiny arms.


Well this is all we have ended up with the details of the top 10 best and famous known Cutting Edge Technology which you should know about! We are sure that after knowing about all these technologies all the people would be much excited to know that when they will be launched out! Grab your heart beats and fasten your seat belts because very soon these all technologies will be arriving inside the marketplaces.

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