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10 Cheapest Courier Services In Pakistan

courier service in pakistan

Its a time of technology and investment. In this modern era, where people are on the internet, online shopping and sending gifts and important documents is much easy for everyone. It is easy to find the easiest way to transfer things from one place to another without any difficulty and spending much time. It is not a time to travels miles to miles to buying and selling things and this is just because of courier services. The courier services are providing best facilities at our doorstep, we don’t need to spend our time to go markets now, just go online and order, and your product is on your hand just because of these courier services. that’s why here in this post I am sharing with you the 10 cheapest courier services in Pakistan.

These courier services make our life very easy, we can send important documents from one place to another without any hesitation. These services are reliable and trustworthy. People believe in these courier services in Pakistan because they help us in a very authentic way at very cheap prices. Let’s discuss these cheapest courier services now:

10 Cheapest Courier Services In Pakistan


10 Cheapest Courier Services In Pakistan

TCS is an abbreviation for os Tranzum Courier Service. TCS is the Pakstan’s most reliable and popular courier service. It was established in 1983 and since then they are providing best facilities to their customers. They offer different services like TCS Hazir, TCS Intiana, TCS Sentiments, Red Box, TCS HomeMovers, TCS Cargo, TCS Express, TCS Octara and Yayvo. It is a Pakistan’s well-known logistics, courier, and e-commerce provider. Their more than 3500 franchises are working worldwide and 800+ outlets in 380 cities in Pakistan. They are providing their services not only in Pakistan but also in UK, USA, Germany, China, UAE, Canada, and India.

Phone Number: (021) 111 123 456

Email: customerservices@tcs.com.pk


DHL Express Courier Services:

10 Cheapest Courier Services In Pakistan

It’s a German-based courier and logistics service in Pakistan. The DHL is also a very well known courier company in Pakistan. They are also working worldwide. Their global network is providing best services in more than 200 countries. People are satisfied with their services because they deliver products on time. Its a world’s leading logistics and the postal company offers services of DHL Express, DHL Parcel, DHL Freight, DHL eCommerce, DHL Supply Chain and DHL Global Forwarding.


Leopards Courier:

10 Cheapest Courier Services In Pakistan

Leopards Courier is one of the most recognized logistic and courier service in Pakistan. It is the public first choice after TCS because of their best service on time. It was established in 1983 and since then providing best logistic and courier services worldwide. Their good services include C.O.D, Giftwifts, Yellow Box, Economy, DropBox, Overnight, Overland, Flyers and International. Their more than 1000 destinations are offering satisfied services to their customers.

Phone Number: (021) 111 300 786

Email: info@leopardscourier.com


PIA Speedex:

10 Cheapest Courier Services In Pakistan

PIA Speedex is one of the oldest logistic company in Pakistan. The company was established in the 1970s by Pakistan Air Force with the aim to delivered shipment across Pakistan but in 2003 it was extended by PIA to Air Express. Their main focus is to deliver shipments in three big cities Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad. But now, they are providing their services to the 25 countries in North America, Asia, and Europe. Their service includes Same Day Speed, Second Day Speed, Visa Dop ox Service (US), Logistic, Overnight Speed, and Overland/Over Air Cargo.

Phone Number: 111-779-779

Email: mno@spx.aero


M&P Express Logistics:

10 Cheapest Courier Services In Pakistan

M&P is also another most popular courier service in Pakistan. M&P is also known as OCS and providing best courier and logistics services in all over the world. It was established in 1986. The main goal of this company is to provide facilities at cheap price. People are satisfied with their services because they deliver product at our doorstep in a time. Their products include M&P Logistic, M&P COD, M&P Courier, M&P Gift Delivery, M&P Print & Distribution, M&P AirCargo, M&P Cargo, M&P MyBox and M&P Expressions.

Phone Number: 111 202 202

Email: contact@mulphilog.com


10 Cheapest Courier Services In Pakistan

FedEx Express Courier Service was established in 1973. This is a popular logistic and courier service in Pakistan. It is a transportation and e-commerce service help their customers not only in Pakistan but worldwide. They deliver products on time with safety. It is reliable and trustworthy courier service. Their services include International Priority, International economy, 10kg and 20kg Boxes, Special Service Options and Service News.

Phone Number: 1.800.463.3339.

Email: cssocialmedia@fedex.com



10 Cheapest Courier Services In Pakistan

Asian Pacific Express (APX) was established in 1990 and since then they provide door to door services worldwide. It is a popular and well-recognized courier and logistics service. This is a fast and reliable courier service at a cheap price. They provide time-based services like Same Day Express, Overnight Express, Second Day Express and Third Day Express. APX is offering services include Rail Road, Cargo Freight, Overseas Transportation, Commercial Relocation, Corporate Relocation, and Domestic Transportation.

Phone Number: +92 21 4529604



DCS Couriers:

10 Cheapest Courier Services In Pakistan

DCS is a popular international courier company that offers services in national and local destinations also. DCS provides door to door service on time. They create reliable and cost-effective solutions of your products at a cheap price. Their aim features are multiple delivery discounts, convenient and easy ordering, low rates, low weekend charges and best service options. They offer trustful service of Courier Sevice, Cargo Service, Document Collection Service, International Express, Special Delivery Service, Sentimental Express. It is one of the well-known courier services in Pakistan.

Phone Number: 0632277790

Golden Pacific International:

10 Cheapest Courier Services In Pakistan

Golden Pacific International is a national and international logistics and courier service company. They are providing best services to their customers. Their service is safe, reliable, secure and definitely on time. GPI gives delivery of light and heavy products and documents on time to 220 countries. Their services include International Documents and Parcel, Airport to Airport/Airport to Door, E-Form Shipment and Door to Airport/Door to Door.

Phone Number: 0321 2435911

Email: info@gpi.com.pk



10 Cheapest Courier Services In Pakistan

PCL is known as Paradise Courier & Logistics is a quality delivery service that makes your shipment urgent and fast in a very reliable way. It is a new courier service in Pakistan but gaining so much popularity because of their best services. Their services include Same Day Delivery, Overnight Delivery, Priority Delivery, International Express Service and Fastest Documents Forwarding Service For USA Immigration Applicants.

Phone Number: +92 21 34314981

Email: info@pcnl.com.pk


So, these were the 10 cheapest courier services in Pakistan. They are reliable as their name and services provide to their customers. These courier services in Pakistan are popular because of their delivery shipment always on time in a safe and secure way.

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  1. Add one more company in your Listing its Costa Logistics Courier Express In Pakistan. We are based in lahore and have offices in all major cities of Pakistan.

  2. Hello. Great article about courier service! But you’ve missed the most reliable courier service company, Forrun.co, which is based in Karachi with offices in all major cities of Pakistan.

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