8 Amazing Females Who Are Superheroes

Superhero is a kind of erotic character who possesses extraordinary skills and supernatural powers. Superheroes are animated characters that protect people and fight with evils with their powers. Superhero can be a male or female. Sometimes female superheroes use their powers to stop crime and fights with the villains who are the criminal counterparts of their life. There are so many superheroes known by their name and supernatural powers such as Superman, Batman, Captain America, The Flash, Iron Man, Wonder Woman and many more.

Here in this post i am sharing the 8 amazing females who are superheroes, these female superheroes are all time favorite. They have great abilities to fight with their threats such as aliens, villains and enemies. Let’s check out these female superheroes.

8 Amazing Females Who Are Superheroes

8, Storm (Marvel):

8 Amazing Females Who Are Superheroes

Storm is a fictional female superhero who is appearing in American comic books by Marvel Comics. She first appeared in Giant-Size X-Men. She has an ability to control the weather as well as fly. She also appeared in Avengers, Fantastic Four, Helfire Club, The Twelve, X-Treme X-Men and many more. She has magical powers of flight and weather manipulation. This character was portrayed by Halle Berry in X-Men series.

7, Invisible Woman (Marvel):

8 amazing Females Who Are Superheroes - Invisible WomanInvisible Woman is also known to be as an Invisible Girl. She is a fictional super heroin who made her appearance in American comic books. She is the member of Fantastic Four series and later appeared in Future Foundation, Avengers, Lady Liberators, Fantastic Four, Fantastic Four Incorporated and many more. She has valued superpowers such as Invisibility, Projected Invisibility and Competent Martial Arts. This character was played by Jassica Alba in movie The Invisible Woman (2013)

6, Raven (DC Comics):

8 amazing Females Who Are SuperheroesRaven is also a famous comic book super heroin. She appeared in many comics of DC Comics and then appeared in various comics. She has a good ability to fight with physically. She got a worldwide recognition in Teen Titans and Sentinels of Magic. She has an ability to fight against enemies and villains with extra powers such as telekinesis, teleportation, sorcery, telepathy, darkness manipulation and many more. The character was played in film by Tara Strong.

5, Zatanna (DC Comics):

8 amazing Females Who Are SuperheroesZatanna is a fictional comic character known to be as a superhero. She first appeared in Hawk-man and then performed a brilliant performance in Justice League and Batman. She is very well known character of Justice League dark, Sentinels Of Magic and Seven Soldiers. She fights with enemies and evils with powerful magic and skills. In Smallville series (2011), the character of Zatanna played by actress Serinda Swan.

4, Super-girl (DC Comics):

Supergirl is a superheroin who appeared first in superman as a super girl in 1958, and then she appeared in another action comic in 1959. She became a lead character in Adventure Comics and also starred in The Daring New Adventure of Supergirl. She has super powers which she uses to help her cousin superman to fight against villains and enemies. The character of Super Girl in film Super-Girl (2015) was played by Melissa Benoist.

3, Starfire (DC Comics):

8 Amazing Females Who Are SuperheroesStarfire is basically a fictional comic characters but the name is used for fourth character of series by DC Comics. She is known to be as the 20th sexy women in comics list of 100. She appeared in some popular series like Teen Titans, Outsiders, Justice League, R.E.B.E.L.S. and Red Hood and the Outlaws, but in 2015 she got her own title series name Starfire. She has great abilities to fight against enemies and villains such as Stamina, Durability, Energy Projection, Radiation Resistance and many more.

2, Black Widow (Marvel):

Black Widow is the most demanding female hero character of American comic books published by Marvel Comics. She first appeared in Tales Of Suspense No. 52 and then introduced as a Russian Spy in Iron Man. She is also a member of team Avengers and the fictional spy agency of S.H.I.E.L.D. She is a gymnast, acrobat and athlete with numerous super powers and weapons. Scarlett Johansson has played the role of Black Widow in Avenger.

1, Wonder Woman (DC Comics):

8 Amazing Females Who Are Superheroes

Woman Wonder is a famous female superhero, who appeared in comic books of America. She first appeared in All Star Comics and then appeared in Justice Society, Justice League, Super Friends and many more. She has a great super powers and weapons like lasso of Truth, Tiara and indestructible bracelets. She is popular among all the super heroines of America.


This list of 8 amazing females who are superheroes are real heroes with ability of super powers. This list has been generated after long time analyze.

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