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5 Yummiest Pakistani Burger Recipes

Does your kids always demand you to make different and yummy burgers all the time? Well kids just love to eat the burgers of outside but you dont have to take them outside all the time if you will provide them with the same taste of burgers by sitting at home. Do you want to know how is it possible and how you can make your kids all time favorite burgers at home? Try these 5 Yummiest Pakistani Burger Recipes at home which will be more healthy for your kids.

5 Yummiest Pakistani Burger Recipes

5 Yummiest Pakistani Burger Recipes

5. Fish Burger:

5 Yummiest Pakistani Burger Recipes

On the fifth we will be explaining the recipe of fish burger to all the mothers! Are you ready for it? For preparing the fish burger for your kids you have to take 4 buns with the Fish boneless 300 gm plus red chili powder 1/2 tsp. You would even require to take crushed black pepper 1/2 tsp, 4 eggs, white vinegar from 2-3 tbsp, corn flour 1 cup, bread crumbs 1 cup, mayonnaise as 1/2 cup, plus mustard cup as 2 table spoons and oil for frying.

How To Cook Fish Burger?

In the beginning you have to cut down the fish into the cubes. After it you have to marinate ir with vinegar, salt, black pepper alongside with the red chili powder. Now you have to coat it with the means of corn flour and dip it all in the eggs. After it you have to coat it with the bread crumbs and then deep fry the fish in the hot oil. At the end you have to toast the buns and just keep fish on lower part of bun. You can serve it to your kids with the tasty french fries.

4. Highway Burger:

5 Yummiest Pakistani Burger Recipes

In the next we have the simple recipe of highway burger! Do you want to learn it? Well for preparing the highway burger you have to take white flour 700 gm and yeast 2 table spoon. You should even have sugar 2 tbsp, baking powder 1 tbsp, 2 eggs, butter 1/2 cup and salt. For the chicken you should have chicken breast 1/2 kg and BBQ masala 2 tbsp plus lemon juice from 1-2 tbsp, plus garlic paste as 1 tbsp, oyster sauce 1 tbsp and red chili powder 1/2 tbsp.

Recipe For Cooking Highway Burger:

For cooking highway burger you have to add up with some sugar and yeast in the water and just leave it for 15 minutes. Now you have to add it up with the salt, eggs, butter, baking powder and yeast in flour. Now make the long buns of the flour and after waiting for 30 minutes you have to spread pizza sauce, and sprinkle grated cheese. Just bake it in oven on 200 degrees C for 15-18 minutes. You have to cut down the chicken in the tin shape of slices and add the slices with the BBQ sauce, garlic paste, lemon juice, red chili powder and even with the salt. Now heat it in the oven and chicken will be ready to serve in the bun.

3. Crispy Burger:

5 Yummiest Pakistani Burger Recipes

Crispy burger is another one of the yummy and most favorite burgers among the kids. For preparing the crispy burger you should have 4 chicken breasts plus 3 slice white bread, 1 egg, 1 tsp of Dijon mustard, 4 tbsp of reduced-fat mayonnaise. 4 ciabatta buns and 1 lemon.

Method To Cook Crispy Burger:

In the very starting of the preparation you have to put down the chicken breasts as in between 2 pieces of cling film and then you have to bash with a rolling pin. You have to take a bowl and beat the egg and mustard in it. Put it under the grill for 10 minutes. Now you have to eat the lemon and black pepper into the mayonnaise. You can even spread some of the mayo as onto the bottom halves of the buns to add it with extra flavor.

2. Beef Vegetable Burger:

5 Yummiest Pakistani Burger Recipes

Now comes the recipe for beef vegetable burger! For the beef vegetable burger you should have ground beef 500 grams, Capsicum 1/4 cup, green onions as about 2, green chillies about 3-4, 1 potato, 2Eggs, Bread Crumbs 1 1/2cups, salt, black pepper, 6 buns, 12 pickle slices, 1 tomato slice and 6 cheese slices.

Steps To Cook Beef Vegetable Burger:

In the first step you have to chop up all the vegetables and place them in a saucepan. Add them with the pepper and salt and allow them to cool down. Now you have to add them with the eggs, bread crumbs plus chilli sauce and green chillies. Now shape them up into the 6 equally sized patties. Fry them in the hot oil pan until they didnt turn into the color of golden brown. Now you have to spread mayonnaise just as on both sides of bun. Its ready to serve with french fries!

1. BBQ Chicken Burger:

5 Yummiest Pakistani Burger Recipes

On the last and most wanted favorite we have the BBQ Chicken Burger! Kids love to eat it in breakfast as well. For preparing BBQ Chicken burger you should have 1 tsp Mild Chilli Powder, 1 tsp Dried Oregano and 1 tsp Paprika. You should even have 1 tsp Garlic Powder and 1 tsp Black Pepper alongside with 1 chicken breast fillet, 1 bun, 1 cheese and 1 Chopped Brown Onion.

How To Cook BBQ Chicken Burger?

In the preparation of BBQ Chicken Burger you have to start off by mixing all the items together and then smoothly rub it on the chicken breast. Now you have to place the onions, bacon and chicken breast into a griddle pan by putting it on the medium-high heat. After 6 minutes of wait you have to toast the bun and apply it with all the spicy ingredients. You can add the bun with the topping of the Chicken, Bacon and Onions.

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