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12 Most Evil Rulers In The History

In this history , we have both good and evil rulers. Some rulers tried to save their people and made their nation strong and powerful. On the other hand, some of the rules turned out to be an evil one. Among the cruel and ruthless rulers, we have the name of Hitler, Chingez Khan, Massolini, Napolean, Mugabe and Franco.
Here we will be telling you about the 12 evil rulers in this world of History. They carried out some inhumane tasks, they commenced some evil and cruel tasks and these rules cannot at all be called as human beings now:

12 Most Evil Rulers In The History

12 Most Evil Rulers In The History

12. Robert Mugabe


As all of us know that he had been elected as president of Zimbabwe. He is one of the evil rulers because he tortured countless and bunch of people during his regime. He rigged two elections and has been given the name as one of the world’s “ worst dictators”. He inadequately deals with the issues if economy. He was famous for human rights abuses.

11. Reinhard Heydrich


He is known out to be man with the strong iron heart. He was considered to be the darkest era of the Nazi Elite. He was accountable as for the reason of relocating with almost 60,000 jews Germany to Poland.

10. George H. W Bush


As he had been the 41st president of the United States. He is also called as one the worst and evil rulers mainly. He became ruthless because of his bad economic policy. the national debt also to rise sharply because of him.

9. Adolf Eichmann:


Adolf Eichmann is standing at the 9th spot on our list of the most insane rulers. He was accountable for the deaths of about 6 millions Jews and he even came up with the statement that he would love to kill his father as well if he would be getting order from somewhere.

8. Bashar Al-Assad


We call him by the name of being horrible and also one of the inconsiderate leaders. The entire citizens of Syria were not been given the basic necessities during his regime. He used to had a secret police force, it was named as Mukhabarat. That secret police force of him disappeared and also tortured and too at the same time killed many of the political activists.

7. Qin Shi Huang of China


He is the perfect example of the terror and fear. It was said that he was assassinated at the place two times where he was sleeping. It was rumored around that he was not killed by a human it was a monster. Was it true?

6. Joseph Stalin


If you have heard about the World War II then you must have heard the name of this evil and cruel ruler Joseph Stalin! He was against the Jews and send maximum of the Jews to Gulag. He had this wish to rule the Soviet Union. Yes, he was the worst man on earth because he did not at all cried when his wife was died and when his son was captured by the Germans.

5. Fyodor I of Russia:


Fyodor I of Russia was said that he lost his two years olf daughter whom he loved so much. This made him to wander around here and there and ring each single church bell that comes on his way.

4. Maximilien Robespierre


We all know him of being the leader of the French Revolution. The minute he gained and get the power then he became obsessed with the killing of people. He saw each and every person as his enemy. All those people who did not supported his revolution, he killed all of them.

3. Mao Zedong


Mao Zedong is the 3rd most insane ruler on our list! He was the dictator of the China and underwent with such kind of the policies that would make China as a superpower. He directly and indirectly killed with almost 70 million people.

2. Adolf Hitler


Yes, he killed about 6 million of the Jews! All of this happened during the second world war. He wanted to rule over the entire world. He wanted to create a nuclear bomb but all his efforts were failed. His ruling was called as the monster kind of ruling. Many people call him as a Satan and as a Racist too.

1. Idi Amin:


On the last and top of our list we have Idi Amin who was the president of the Uganda. He was considered out to be one of the most insane and brutal dictators of his time. It was said that he did the execution of almost hundreds of thousands of the people of his own nation. He used to kill and torture the people of his nation with the use of sledge hammers.


So, what do you think? Which ruler had been the cruelest one? We have the long list of cruel rulers but these 12 were the real evil one!

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