Top 100 Muslim Baby Girl Names

Name is an identity of anyone, either it is human being or any animal, things etc etc. When a baby comes in the world, everyone search the specific name, which is the identity of baby. In every religion, people want to keep their children name that is religious. There are so many people also keep their children’s name which are modern but not religious. It is a right of every infant to be honored by good name that suits to his personality. It is very important to choose the name of infant which has good meanings.

Some people easily give name to their new born baby but some searches a lot. There are so many ways of searching baby’s name in which surfing on internet is the best one. There are so many websites that are providing best baby names according to religion. If you are Muslim and want some religious but unique names for your infant which has good meaning also then you are here at right place. Here in this post you will find top 100 Muslim baby girl names below along with their meanings. So, let’s check out the list below, you will definitely like them.

Top 100 Muslim Baby Girl Names

Let’s begin the top 100 Muslim baby girl names with the series of alphabet below.


Top 100 Muslim Baby Girl Names

Aaira ایرا (Honorable, Respectful, Nobel)

Almira المرء (Truth, Princess Of Higher Birth Order)

Arwah عروه (Breath Of Air)

Anabia عنابية (Door Of Jannat)


Top 100 Muslim Baby Girl Names

Bareea بریا (Innocent)

Berka برکا (Breeding, Increase)

Baasima باسمہ (Smiling)


Top 100 Muslim Baby Girl Names

Caitlyn کایتلین (Pure Beauty)

Cyra سيرة (Moon)

Chafia شافية (Look After)


Top 100 Muslim Baby Girl Names - D

Durriyyah دررییہ (Brilliant, Glittering Stars)

Durrah درّہ (A Large Precious Pearl, Name Of Sahabi)

Delisha ڈیلیشا (Happy and Make Others Happy)


Top 100 Muslim Baby Girl Names - E

Eshaal اسہال (Paradise Flower)

Emily إيميلي (Flower)

Eliza الزا (Unique, Precious)

Ezzah ازہ (A Person Who Gives Honour, Respect)


Top 100 Muslim Baby Girl Names - F

Faariah فاریہ (Name Of Sahabiyyah)

Fajr فجر (Dawn, Rise, Morning Prayer, Beginning)

Fawha فوہا (Breath of Fragrance)


Top 100 Muslim Baby Girl Names - G

Ghaida غیدہ (Soft, Young and Delicate)

Guleen جولين (One With Beautiful Smile)

Gohar گوہر (Diamond, Gem, Precious Stone)

Ghania غنية (Beautiful Girl, Pretty Girl, Beauty)


Top 100 Muslim Baby Girl Names - H

Hanyah ہنیہ (Happy)

Hiral ہیرال (Wealthy)

Huriyah حریہ (A Houri, Angel, Virgin of Paradise)

Hayfa حیفہ (Slender of Beautful Body)


Top 100 Muslim Baby Girl Names - I

Ifza افزا (Protective Angel)

Imsaal امسال (Unique, One Of a Kind)

Isbah إصبعه (Light)

Imtihal امتحال (Obedience, Polite)


Top 100 Muslim Baby Girl Names - J

Junainah جنینہ (The Garden of Paradise)

Joindah جویندہ (God’s Gift)

Jazibiyya جزیبییا (Appeal, Charm, Attraction)

Jemimah جممة (Beautiful)


Top 100 Muslim Baby Girl Names - K

Kashfiya کشفیا (Enlightenment)

Khizrah خضره (Variant of Khizrah, Name of Sahabiyyah, Green)

Kuwaysah كويسه (Pretty)

Kaureen کورین (Pretty Girl, Beautiful Girl)


Top 100 Muslim Baby Girl Names - L

Lashirah لشرح (Very Intelligent)

Lamiah لمياه (Shine)

Layaan لیان (Tenderness, Gentleness, Softness)

Labiqa لبیقہ (Refined, Active, Adorned, Intelligent)


Top 100 Muslim Baby Girl Names - M

Manaal منال (Achievement, Attainment)

Mysha میشا (Happy For Entire Life)

Mehr مہر (Affection, Full Moon, Sun)

Mehrish محرش (Wonderful Smell)

Munerah منیرہ (Shining, Illuminating)


Top 100 Muslim Baby Girl Names - N

Namia نامية (Force to Expand, Force To Move Forward)

Nawal نوال (Kindness, Present, Gift, Favour, Grant, Grace)

Nofal نوفل (Blessing)

Nuwaira نویرہ (Petals of Flowers)


Top 100 Muslim Baby Girl Names - O

Omera امرا (Positive Attitude, Great Personality, Inspiration)

Orwiya أروي (Female Mountain Goat)

Orzala ورزالہ (Brightness of Fire)

Ommata أمتى (Girl Slave)


Top 100 Muslim Baby Girl Names - P

Palwasha پلواشہ (Light Ray of Moon)

Preewash پریواش (Fairy Faced)

Pariza پرزہ (Fairy, Flower)

Pashmina پشمینہ (Old Historic Name With Zoroastrian Origins)


Top 100 Muslim Baby Girl Names - Q

Qindeel قندیل (Light)

Qirat قرات Beautiful Recitation)

Qaailah قايله (One Who Speaks)

Qaniah قنیہ (Contented)


Top 100 Muslim Baby Girl Names - R

Rameen رامين (Submissive, Successful Woman, Obedient, Loyal)

Rayan ريان (The Gate of Heaven For People To Enter in Ramadan)

Rifqa رفقا (Companionship, Gentleness, Kindness, Gentleness)

Rahmah رحمہ (Mercy, Compassion)


Top 100 Muslim Baby Girl Names - S

Sahrish ساهريش (Cool and Fresh Breeze Of Morning)

Sairish سيرش (Magic, Flower)

Shanzay شانزے (Princess)

Salha صالحہ (Virtuous, Variant of Arabic Saliha)



Tamseel تمثیل (Parable, Example, Allegory)

Tehreem تحریم (Sanctity, Respect)

Tanisha تنیشا (Happiness)

Tibah طيبه (Kindness, Goodness)



Unaysah أنيسه (Affable, Friendly)

Urshia ارشا (One Who Belongs To Sky)

Umayrah امیرہ (She Was The Daughter of Alqamah)

Umniya امنیا (Hope, Wish, Desire)



Varisha وارشا (Lightning)

Vafia وفا (Just, Complete)

Valiqa والقا (Trustworthy)

Varda وردہ (Rose)



Waraqa ورقہ (Rich, Paper-made)

Wareesha وریشہ (Color of Rose, Rose, Deep Red Color)

Washma واشمہ (Goodwish, Pretty, Greatful)

Wisam وسام (Badge, Logo)



There is no Muslim name start with X.



Yafiah يعفيه (Youthful, High)

Yasharah (Precious Stone, Intelligent)

Yusairah یوسیرہ (Name of Sahabiyyah)

Yafita یافتہ (Savior)

Yamina یمینہ (Proper, Happy, Right)



Zaafira ظافرة (Successful, Victorious)

Zabiyah ظبيه (Name Of Sahabiyyah)

Zaheen زہین (Intelligent, Intellectual, Sagacious)

Zaniah زانیہ (Beautiful)

Zayaan زیاں (Something Beautiful)

Zyva زیوا (Radiant, Splendor, Brightness)


These all 100 Muslim names for baby girls are selected by high ranking. If you know some other unique names along their meanings then must share with us.

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