Well we all are fully aware from the fact right from the beginning of the secret alien spaceship landings and till the point of the Presidential assassinations in each single condition the conspiracy was taking place. No doubt that whatsoever event was taking place in each single occasion there was some conspiracy in the history. As you will going to look back in the history you will be finding that some of the conspiracy theories are outrageously unbelievable. But at the same time some of them are so close to the reality that you get the impression of being true.
In simple it would be an undeniable fact that every conspiracy theory is added with so many decades of the evidence. They do have so many following of believers. In many conspiracy situations that takes place in the world some of them create the feeling of being mystery and suspicion. Do you know that which are the top most 10 famous conspiracy theories in the world? Below we will going to highlight down with the list of famous and top 10 conspiracy theories in the world:

10 Popular Conspiracy Theories In The World

10 Popular Conspiracy Theories In The World

10. Life on Mars and the Annunaki:



On the tenth spot we would talk about the conspiracy of the life on Mars and Annunaki! In the year 1976 the pictures of the Mars were unveil out by the help of Viking Orbiter that unveil the fact that maybe the life is existing on the planet of Mars. This photo was also added with some of the sphinx and all along with the 5-sided pyramid.

9. Peak Oil:



On the 9th spot we would be talking about the Peak oil conspiracy that was the main talk of the town. There were some of the people who do have the idea that the fact of the peak oil was coming out to be the fraud as unveil by the side of the oil industry. This was just for the purpose of raising the prices of the oil.

8. The AIDS virus:



You would be much surprise to listen that it was unveil out that AIDS was one of the only virus that was manufactured in the laboratory and hence it was afterwards injected in the homosexuals and even in the African-Americans. It was said that this virus was hence created by the US Government and is placing all the creation blame on top of the Africa.

7. Subliminal Advertising:



This theory has a huge broad concept! This theory is coming up with the suggestion that the companies and all the governments are coming up to affect the individuals desires. Now the main question that do hit the minds is that how any advertising company can control the mind and desires of any individual.

6. The death of Princess Diana:



On the next we would talk about the conspiracy theory of princesses diana death! This story was said around to be the main talk of the town for the last so many months. It was unveil out that the princess death was not an accident but she was murdered from the side of her own Royal Family because she was disclosing the ex husband personal life.

5. Nasa Faked the Moon Landings:



Another big conspiracy theory that do hit the world was that NASA was accountable for the purpose of faking the landings of the moons. Some of the theories are often coming up with the facts that NASA has never landed on the moon and are trying to intentionally let the whole know that they have reach the moon now. The photographs unveil by them are not showing the shape of the rocks that are being found on the moon in reality. Is it true?

4. Phantom Time Hypothesis:



On the 4th spot on our list we would talk about the conspiracy theory of the Phantom Time! As in the year 1991, Heribert llig unveil out with the concept idea that some of the larger parts of the history were said out to be fabrications just as during the time of the Early Middle Ages (AD 614-911).

3. The Assassination of John F Kennedy:



The third spot our list is featuring off the conspiracy theory that was all about the Assassination of John F Kennedy. It is to be mentioned that Kennedy was shot down in the year 1963 at the place of Texas. He was riding along with his wife. Further investigations have unveil the fact that this president of UK was actually assassinated by the side of the Lee Harvey Oswald.

2. Elvis Presley Faked His Death:



It was believe that the king, Elvis Presley did not went to death in the year 1977. Some of the fans even came up with the confirmation statement that he was still alive and has been hiding himself for few of the reasons. It was said that it was not him but his twin brother Aaron who died and he is trying to present his death in front of the whole world.

1. 9/11:



Last conspiracy theory will be going to surprise your mind for a few seconds! Do you know that US Government was also involved in the 9/11 Attacks made on the World Trade Center? It was been unveil out by the investigation departments that US Government was fully aware from the attacks that were being made on the US in 2001.


So these have been the top 10 most famous conspiracy theory taking place in this world! Each single conspiracy theory took place after creation of some group of people without any evidence and facts. Do you really believe on the conspiracy theory statements?

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