10 Most Famous Paintings In Pakistan


Pakistan is the country which is famous for its people, beauty and nature. Pakistan is blessed with talented people in which the numbers of artists, painters and calligraphers are playing a vital role in making our country popular in the world. There are countless painters in Pakistan who are famous for their art work. Their paintings are popular and got worldwide recognition. In Pakistan, there are many famous painters like Sadequain, Abdul Rehman Chughtai, Wahab Jaffer and many more. These painters are popular for their majority of famous paintings. Here in this post I am sharing 10 most famous paintings in Pakistan below.

Painting is a kind of action which creates interesting and appealing art with paints and colors. The painting is the way through which a painter can highlights his ideas. These 10 most famous paintings in Pakistan also reflect the culture of our country. Let’s have a look at these famous paintings by well known painters of Pakistan below.

10 Most Famous Paintings In Pakistan

10, Zones Of Dreams by Salima Hashmi:

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Salima Hashmi is a Pakistani painter, artist and cultural writer. She is a daughter of famous poet Faiz Ahmed Faiz. She is a passionate painter of Pakistan who won Pride of Performance award in 1999. She is known for her some of the paintings named Rain 1, Rain 2, The Long Wait, Poem For Zainab, Ansent Gods and Zones of Dreams. Her Zones of dreams is the most famous paintings of Pakistan which depicts the nuclear programs of world.

9, Figurative by Wahab Jaffer:

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Wahab Jaffer is basically a businessman by profession but also known as a painter and artist in Pakistan. He came up in this field with a passion of painting. His numbers of paintings are famous in the world because of the figurative concept behind all paintings. This one is also from his collection which is popular in all.

8, Fantasy Art by Ustad Allah Bux:

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Ustad Allah Bux is a very well known painter in Pakistan. His painting depicts the rural life of Pakistan and also folk culture. His all of paintings are full of with colors and life. This Fantasy Art is very much famous in Pakistan. This painting reflects the culture of Pakistan and the simple lifestyle of people of villages. This painting is famous for the idea behinds the art.

7, Forest by Mian Ijaz Ul Hassan:

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Mian Ijaz Ul Hassan is a famous Pakistani painter, writer and teacher. E is a very well known art critic whose paintings are famous for the beauty. He was honored with Pride of Performance Award in 1992. His paintings reflect the beauty and nature of our country. This forest art by Mian Ijaz Ul Hassan is famous for the idea behind it. In this painting you see the change of weather in the forest. This painting is famous in the whole Pakistan.

6, Social Political Theme by Abdul Rahim Nagori:

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Abdul Rahim Nagori is a Pakistani painter who is known for social political themes. He was awarded with Pride of Performance award in 2010. He did many exhibitions and got always success. His all paintings are famous but this painting is much popular because of its idea. It reflects how the political issues run with the government. This painting is famous in all over Pakistan.

5, Abstract With Red and White by Ahmed Parvez:

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Ahmed Parvez is a Pakistani painter and artist who got worldwide recognition in a very short time period. He exhibited his painting in all over Pakistan and gained always success. His famous painting labels are London Move, The Image Maker, Theme Revisited, Abstract With Red and White, Abstract Forms and many more. This painting is also from the Abstract With red and White. This painting is famous in Pakistan because of its colors and life.

4, Evening by Zubeida Agha:

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Zubeida Agha is a very famous Pakistani painter. He was the first painter in Pakistan who exhibited her painting. She received Pride of performance award in 1965. She got so much success in very short time period and known as a colorist. Her paintings are famous for the life and colors. This evening painting is famous in Pakistan for its colors.

3, Mughal Theme by Ustad Haji Muhammad Sharif:

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Ustad Haji Muhammad Sharif is a very reputed and well known painter and artist of Pakistan. His paintings are not only famous in our country but also worldwide. He was the top listed miniature painter of his time but still his paintings are famous in Pakistan. His painting depicts the mughal art, lifestyle of sikh and mughal theme. In this painting you will also see the rural time of Mughals. The painting is famous for its colors.

2, The Mughal Princess by Abdur Rahman Chughtai:

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Abdur Rahman Chughtai was a classical painter of his time. He is still popular in this field because of his paintings. He created his own distinctive style that depicts the mughal art, Islamic art and miniature painting. His famous art works are The Mughal Princess, Bride, Omar Khayam, Saqi and more. He was awarded by Hilal-i-Imtiaz. This Mughal Princess painting by Abdur Rahman Chughtai is still famous in Pakistan. This painting influences the Princess of the time of Mughals.

1, Treasure of Time by Sadequain:

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Sadequain is the all time famous painter and artist of Pakistan. His name is still famous in this field because of his art works. He was awarded by Tamgha-e-Imtiaz, Sitara-e-Imtiaz and Pride of Performances. His paintings are still on the top because of colors, life and ideas. His art works are Treasure of Time, Two Sisters, Iqbal, Surah-e-Rehman and more. This painting by Sadequain is still famous and remains the top of the list of famous paintings of Pakistan because of its designs and idea of mural.


I have collected these 10 most famous paintings in Pakistan after long term analyzes. These paintings are also high ranked in the list of Google. These paintings are very old but still famous because of its colors and ideas behind them. I hope you will also like these paintings very much.

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