Pompeii is known out to be one of the oldest and hence one of the vast archaeological sites in the place of southern Italy’s Campania region. This city was discovered in the 79 AD and hence since that time it is known as one of the sophisticated Roman city. Pompeii was buried within the coverage of the meters of ash and pumice after the catastrophic eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in the decade of 79 C.E. This city has been flooded with so many hidden secrets and unique pompeii facts that will force you to visit this Roman city once!
Now we are sure that you would be thinking in mind that which are those incredible 10 pompeii facts which you should know about! Well, you don’t need to hit your mind with too many thoughts because straight away through this article we will be having a complete discussion about it. Below we will be highlighting with the interesting and amazing to know 10 facts of pompeii! Scroll down and catch it now!

10 Incredible Pompeii Facts You Should Know

10 Incredible Pompeii Facts You Should Know

10: Domenico Fontana

10 Incredible Pompeii Facts You Should Know-Domenico Fontana

One of the most famous architects named as Domenico Fontana unearthed few of the major frescos and items. But all these items were found to have some kind of strong sexual theme that was not meant out to be good thing in his age. Therefore he decided to rebury them.

9. Rediscovered The City

10 Incredible Pompeii Facts You Should Know-Rediscovered The City

On the 9th of the pompeii facts we will be mentioning about the city had to wait for about the 150 years until and unless it was yet again rediscovered for the second time in the year 1748 by a Spanish military engineer Rocque Joaquin de Alcubierre. But this was it was encountered that so many intact objects as well as entire buildings were excavated.

8. Items Under Thick Layers

10 Incredible Pompeii Facts You Should Know-Items Under Thick Layers

All the items and objects that have been hence buried just as under the thick layers of ash and pumice have been well-preserved in support of so many centuries. This was mainly because of the lack of the air as well as moisture. All the artifacts that have been found in the site do provide with an extraordinarily detailed insight into the life of an Ancient Roman city.

7. Use Of Excavation Plaster

10 Incredible Pompeii Facts You Should Know-Use Of Excavation Plaster

Mentioning more with the pompeii facts at the time of the excavation plaster was the material that was used at the best level in order to fill in the voids just as between the ash layers. Plaster was used once to held human bodies. This even gives the archeologists with the permission to carry out with the exact position the people were in at the time when they died.

6. Manufactured Of 1000 Casts

10 Incredible Pompeii Facts You Should Know-Manufactured Of 1000 Casts

On the total level there are more than 1,000 casts that have been manufactured with the dead bodies found in Pompeii. These dead bodies often includes with the whole families as well as groups of friends or couples who died in embrace.

5. Area Of 150 Acres

10 Incredible Pompeii Facts You Should Know-Area Of 150 Acres

This space has been hence occupying a total area of 150 acres. This eventually brings about the city of Pompeii to be one of the world’s largest excavation and archaeologist site. This place is often visited by millions of people each single year.

4. Italian Tourist Destination

10 Incredible Pompeii Facts You Should Know-Italian Tourist Destination

On the 4th spot of the pompeii facts we would mention that this place has been mentioned to be one of the most famous and popular Italian tourist destinations for over 250 years. It is to be mentioned that Pompeii has UNESCO World Heritage Site status. Moreover it is being visited by over 2.5 million people every year.

3. Visit Of King Francis I

10 Incredible Pompeii Facts You Should Know-Visit Of King Francis I

At the time when the King Francis I of Naples visited the Pompeii exhibition all along with his wife and daughter in the year 1819 he was much embarrassed by the creative artwork. By looking at this artwork he made the decision to get it locked away in a secret cabinet. This artwork is just allowed to watch by the people who are at the mature age and belongs to the reputable morals.

2. Estimated Age

10 Incredible Pompeii Facts You Should Know-Estimated Age

On the 2nd spot of the pompeii facts we have the place has been recorded to have the estimated age of 17,000 years. Mount Vesuvius is named out to be the only active volcano on top of the mainland Europe. It has been unveiled out by the scientists that the volcano has erupted all about 100 times so far. Few of the eruptions were witnessed to be the larger one. In 79 the release of the volcano eruption brings about hundred thousand times more the thermal energy than it was released in the Hiroshima bombing.

1: Population

10 Incredible Pompeii Facts You Should Know-Population

On the last pompeii facts we would like to mention that almost over 3 million people have been living within the proximity of Mount Vesuvius. Today it is considered to be one of the most dangerous volcano in the world. It faced the very last eruption in the year 1944.


So this was the complete discussion behind some of the interesting and best top 10 pompeii facts which you should know about! Some of the facts are so much amazing to learn that will force you to think that whether these cities exist today or not! Were these facts informative for you?

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