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10 Famous Restaurants In Lahore

How can you for get the famous restaurants in Lahore, if you are a true and actual Lahori then you must have been a biggest and a massive one food lover! Lahori people just love to eat, they love to explore new and creative kind of eating places for theirselves. They want to sit in that kind of restaurant that has the perfect ambiance, they want to be the part of that restaurant that comes with the tasty and delicious food.
If you have been looking for the top 10 famous restaurants in Lahore then here you are! Have a look at the below written famous and an ultra best one restaurants in Lahore and share us your feedback. You will be loving these dining areas, their food is excellent, their ambiance is awesome, what else you want!

10 Famous Restaurants In Lahore

10 Famous Restaurants In Lahore

10. The Lahore Social

10 Famous Restaurants In Lahore-The Lahore Social

You should be making a visit to this top most hotel of Lahore that has been named as The Lahore Social! It is located right at the dead centre of this Lahore city. It is a fancy one hotel and you will be loving it. You will love and adore its ambiance, this hotel comes with the diverse and wide range of menu line. You will fall in love with its food line.

9. Tiramisu

10 Famous Restaurants In Lahore-Tiramisu
It is also one of the top 10 hotels in the Lahore city. It has that incredible divine ambiance that makes it one of the perfect and top class hotels in the city of Lahore. Try up their Chocolate Molten Cake and you will be feeling yourself in another world.

8. The Cube

10 Famous Restaurants In Lahore-The Cube
The Cube has been located within the Nishat Hotel. Now, we have seen that they have revamped their entire menu. They have now their fully trained staff that comprises of the international chefs. If you have not liked this hotel before then we are quite sure that you will be loving it now because they have bring some major and best changes in their hotel.

7. Tokyo

10 Famous Restaurants In Lahore-Tokyo
If you are a lover of sushi food then Tokyo is a must visit place for you. Yes it is a must try eatery for all of the sushi lovers. We have placed this hotel at the number 7th spot so there is not a single chance that you should not be visiting this place. Do share your comments too.

6. Café Aylanto

10 Famous Restaurants In Lahore-Café Aylanto
Café Aylanto has been situated on MM Alam Road right in the area of Gulberg. It comes with the International and also Mediterranean recipes. If we talk about its line of environment then it is quite and much comfortable. You will just love its interior décor and now it is the time to have a romantic candle lit dinner with your loved one at this hotel.

5. Covo

10 Famous Restaurants In Lahore-Covo
Covo comes with an Italian cuisine. It is one of the best restaurants at Pearl Continental Hotel, Lahore. It is a peaceful hotel and there is no doubt. You will be able to see the glass paneled windows and also textured walls in this hotel.

4. Food Street Anarkali

10 Famous Restaurants In Lahore-Food Street Anarkali
How can you forget the Old Lahore! If you want to feel the aroma of that freshly cooked and also fried cuisines then this is the right place for you. This best of the Food Street comes with the options to see your national heritage, you will get to know about your historical and also cultural importance by making a visit to this place.

3. Freddy’s Café

10 Famous Restaurants In Lahore-Freddy’s Café
Freddy’s Café has been located at the MM Alam Road right in Gulberg. It offers and comes up with a variety of recipes. You can have an Afghani food, you can have a continental food and Thai food.

2. Pompei

10 Famous Restaurants In Lahore-Pompei

Pompei is too one of the loved hotels in the city of Lahore! It has the main branch in Karachi but now it has been opened in Lahore. You will love this food hub because of its fascinating dishes it will be serving to you!

1. Lakhnavi

10 Famous Restaurants In Lahore-Lakhnavi
Lakhnavi has been located in the Avari Hotel. This hotel can give you the desi food, it has that temptation lingering aspect which no other food hotel can give you. Try this place, you will get crazy!


So these are the famous restaurants in Lahore, do make a visit of them. Lahore is a city which is famous and quite known because of its hotels, restaurants and eating places. One should keep on be exploring its hotels and eating places if you have been residing in Lahore. Try these yummiest and delicious eating places and give us your feedback. We will be waiting for that. We will keep on be letting you know more about these tasty eating places so stay tuned with us.

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