Verification Of Twitter Account Is Now Possible For Everyone

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If you want to be a ‘special person’ in the world of social media, the good news is that Twitter has promised to make the blue-tapping process very simple on the general consumer accounts.

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Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey revealed during the Perry Scope Live Stream last week that the company wants to extend the Blue Checkmark confirmation to all users.

He said that our goal is to open the process of issuing your account for each user and it will be easy to process each right, and we do not make any kind of discourse for this process.

He acknowledged that the account verifies campaign is very difficult on the platform and now the system is being reviewed.

Initially, account verification was to make difference between the real and fake accounts of important individuals, after which it became a sign of black checkmark credentials and status.

According to experts, the common consumers began to understand the checkmark as a sign of trust that is not less than a problem because people think Twitter itself is standing behind this particular person.


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