Urban EV – Upcoming Car by Honda

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Honda has announced to offer its unique console vehicle Urban EV next year for purchasing. During Geneva Motor Show, the Japanese company announced that it will introduce the production of this small electric car at the beginning of 2019 and it will be offered for sale in Europe until the end of 2019. However, the company did not talk about introducing it to other areas.

Photo Credit: insideevs.com

This concept vehicle was first introduced in September last year at the Frankfurt International Motor Show, which was also a tribute to the company’s first small vehicles.

Well, it is not expected that the last year’s version will be presented for sale, but its design will be the same. On presenting it on a commercial basis, the company is likely to introduce a technology that was available in the concept vehicle. It has an ultra-wide touch screen or square steering wheel and wooden dashboard etc.

However, for the first time, Honda has announced a concept car for sale, which is likely to maintain its external design. Honda did not issue details about the features of this vehicle, but last year they said that its system will identify the drivers’ feelings and will also give suggestions on this.

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Honda thoughts, humans will be able to communicate with their cars in the near future, at least the concept car is at the same level. Inside the vehicle, such doors have been given in a Rolls Royce while four people will be able to travel in it. Its dashboard looks like a sideboard, which lacks the buttons and switches, while the steering wheel is available even though it can also travel on the driver’s oral instruction.


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