Update Google Chrome Browser Now

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If you use Google Chrome to surf the Internet, update it immediately.

Photo Credit: Whatismybrowser

Yes, Google has introduced the new version of Chrome Web Browser to Windows, Mac, Android, IOS, and others.

Its desktop version has been given a special feature, through which auto-play videos automatically muted.

Indeed, auto-play videos and advertisements will be blocked by default with sound, this feature was likely to be introduced in Chrome version 64 in January this year, but now it has been presented after a delay of a few months.

With this feature, users will be able to silence most of the websites. However, if a website still troubles auto-play videos, its audio can be blocked forever.

Apparently, the auto-playing video does not seem to be a big feature, but it’s worth appreciating, especially when searching a tab of audio in many tabs.

So update your Chrome browser with the built updater.

It is believed that the number of users using Google Chrome has exceeded a billion.


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