Trick To Read Whatsapp Message Without Sender’s Knowledge

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If you see the written, voice memo, photo or video in the Wats app, it becomes a Blu-tuck, by which other people know that you have seen that message.

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So when a message is sent, a gray tuck is visible, then 2 tucks (when the mess reaches another phone) and then 2 blue tucks (when it is read).

Of course, it can also be found at the time when another person read this message.

Although this feature is not harmful but often it happens when the user wishes that the sender does not know that he has read the message.

So its option is going to turn off the blue tuck option by going to the Whatsapp settings. But if you do this the user also does not know whether its messages reach other people or have they read or not.

So its easy replacement is hidden in your phone.

So its procedure is as follows:

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When you receive a Whatsapp message, do not open it, but go to your device settings and switch the airplane mode.

Now you can open the Whatsapp on which it may appear to you that this application can not work properly on the airplane mode, but ignore it by going to the message, open it and the blue tuck did not come on it too.

When you read the message, turn off the apps directly that run back in the background through a multi-window tab.

By doing so, the Whatsapp will be completely closed and the device will not give a blue tuck sign on switching off the airplane mode.


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