The Best Feature Of YouTube Is Now Available On Smartphones

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YouTube is the world’s most liked video sharing site but many times users have to wait for its best features.

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The same happened in the case of YouTube’s dark theme, which has been available on a desktop site for a long time, but despite the demand from smartphone users, it was not updated yet.

However, now the YouTube’s Dark Theme is introduced to Android and iOS devices.

In this theme, users can change the bright white background of the usual black and beige color.

According to YouTube, the Dark Theme is one of the most demanding features on mobile phones.

For the YouTube dark theme on the desktop is to turn on by clicking on your profile picture and then setting icon. Smartphone also has to do something like this.

To access this feature, click on account icon to go to the settings and there will be a name of a dark theme, which can be turned on or off.

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This feature is being introduced around the world since today so it may take some days or weeks to reach you.


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