SnapChat Has Redesigned Its Application With New Features

SnapChat Has Redesigned Its Application

After so many years of success, Snapchat has redesigned its app and introduce the News Feed feature in the application. Announcing the biggest change in this application of the six-year, the algorithm-based news feed was presented for which the company has borrowed from Facebook and Netflix.

However, on Facebook you can see the news feed near the friend’s list, in SnapChat they placed the news feed in a separate section that will be on the left side of the camera. Messaging post and stories posted by friends will be seen there which will be deleted automatically after 24 hours. The purpose of this redesign is to simplify the snapshot features which was very hard to understand for newbies.

SnapChat Has Redesigned Its Application With New Features
Credits: SnapChat

This app is now split into three main windows, i.e. on the right side, you will find friends list, the camera is in the center, and the discover page can be found on the left side where you will find the post from different organizations and well-known personalities. The announcement of this redesign was made in the beginning of the month, and the reason for the redesign was due to lack of its popularity in comparison to the Instagram. Now, this app is expected to leave behind the Instagram and make it more attractive to users.


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