Skype Is Now Easy To Use In Cheap Android Phones

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After Facebook and Google, Microsoft has now introduced its new calling version to make its video calling app Skype a part of cheap Android smartphones. Microsoft has introduced a new Skype version for Android phones, and according to the company, its aim is to reduce the memory and storage in this device.

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This version is for Android 4.0.3 to 5.1 phones, which also helps improve audio and visual quality and overall speed of devices. According to Microsoft, this app works much better on poor network connections and will be available in the next few weeks worldwide.

This is basically a Microsoft introduced app for Android users who are not getting support for this application, especially the move when Android has updated the latest operating system for users to make more accessible. Microsoft says that developing countries do not update or change their phones during a few months or years and often buy phones that work on the old version of Android.

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Last month, Google was told that 42% of Android phones have Android 4 or 5 operating systems. Microsoft does not want to ignore such smartphones while it is also facing severe rivals in the form of Whatsapp, Messenger, and other apps.


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