Shahid Afridi Apologized For His Behavior

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Former national team captain Shahid Afridi has begun to apologize for his aggressive behavior with young cricketer Saif Badar while Saif Badar has also declared Afridi as a legend.

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In the second innings between Multan Sultans and Karachi Kings, Multan Sultans’ young Saif Badar scored six to Shahid Afridi, Afridi was very angry to get six from the young cricketer.

However, Afridi left Saif Badar while taking his experience on the next ball, but expressed his anger, he indicated the Saif Badar to return to the pavilion.

Shahid Afridi’s behaviors had to face a lot of criticism and fans on social media expressed concern over the behavior of the player, saying that the senior cricketer should not take this attitude from his junior cricketer.

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After the match, Saif Badar said, “I still love Shahid Bahi and he is a legend.”

Shahid Afridi was also proud of Saif Badar’s tweet, and he also expressed his apology for his behavior.

Afridi said in his tweet, “I apologize, whatever happened was the momentum of the match and I always support the youth.”


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