Difference Between Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus


Samsung has decided to follow the Apple’s footstep for the first time and has decided to make a significant change in its flagship Galaxy S series, which might be a shock for Samsung consumers.

According to Forbes mentioned in their various leaks that Samsung fans now have to face major significant difference in the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus. Still, there are different types of screen size and battery power in both of these phones, but Samsung is about to adopt Apple’s iPhone strategy for its new phone. The standard Galaxy S9 will have an only back camera, while Galaxy S9 Plus will have dual cameras and this is what Apple has been doing for many years.

Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus
Photo Credit: Cnbc.com

Similarly, there would be a difference between the RAM, and the news is that Samsung Galaxy S9 will have bigger RAM than Galaxy S9 which will be the reason to increase the price of Galaxy S9 Plus. Another leak has been revealed on the other hand that the design of the Galaxy S9 will actually be a copy of the S8, and it will not reduce the resolution further.

Earlier, it was said that Galaxy S9 (all models) will be with dual cam setup, extremely low-resolution and more powerful processor. Similarly, the rumours are that Galaxy S9 will be presented in three versions, standard, plus and mini phones. However, there is no news that these versions will also be launched for Galaxy S9 Plus. Galaxy S9 is likely to be introduced in February next year, a day before the start of the Schedule Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.


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