PSL Has a High Quality Cricket, Sangakkara


Sri Lanka’s former captain Kumar Sangakkara, who has been the highest runner ever so far in the Pakistan Super League (PSL), has said that ‘the quality of the League is very high’. During an interviewing with Dawn News in Sharjah, Sangakkara said that with the great talented young players from Pakistan, some of the best players in the world are participating and senior players are also there, so I think it is one of the best league. Praising Multan Sultan’s captain Shoaib Malik, he said that the captain had never pressured the players.


Regarding Shoaib Malik, he said, “He is a good leader because of his very gentle nature and he never pressures player but expects it also from us.”

Regarding coming to Pakistan in the case of Multan Sultan’s arrival, he said, “I think we have a lot of time before going to the final and it’s just a matter of playing a match and will decide when the time comes.”

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While praising the hat-trick in Imran Tahir’s last match, he said, ‘I think it was unusual’.

“Like the way Imran Tahir bowling, it reflects man’s quality, so he goes to one of the best bowlers in the world,” Sangakkara said.

Praising the game of Imran Tahir, he further said that it is a manifestation of his control and awareness, in fact, he does everything and it is a pleasure to play with them.

In view of Multan Sultan’s last match, Imran Tahir had a wonderful hat-trick, which is the first hat-trick of any PSL foreigner player. Mohammed Aamir and Junaid Khan have also won this honor before. Multan Sultan has won three matches so far and their position is better, while Kumar Sangakkara is the highest-run batsman in the league.


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