Top 10 Universities In Pakistan

In our country Pakistan, there are so many universities who are offering high quality education. In this post i am sharing top 10 universities in Pakistan.


Ufone Provides Daewoo Express Bus Services Via UPaisa

Ufone Telecom Company has collaborated with Daewoo Express Bus Services to make a strong and prestigious space as well as extend the use of...

Motorola Revealed Its New Moto G Smartphone

Before a year ago, Motorola has introduced their Moto G smartphone. Now they have revealed their new Moto G smartphone with better specifications. Motorola...



Chicken Macaroni Recipe 1

Chicken Macaroni Cooking Recipe

Chinese chicken macaroni is the most favorite Chinese dish in all over the world. Here is a delicious Chicken Macaroni recipe for you.



Pakistan Super League 2017 Schedule

Pakistan Super League 2017 Schedule

So finally, Pakistan Super League 2017 draft has been all set and you have a full list of players who are going to play in...


High Heel Shoes Trends For Women 2014

Like previous, in year 2014, the trend of fashion of high heel is getting so much popularity. High heel trends for women 2014 have been taken so many changes...

Latest Designs Of Artificial Rings For Women 2014

Rings are considered to be as the most common and favorite jewellery accessories amongst women. Ring is the kind of jewellery that is always being in fashion. If you...

10 Popular Fashion Brands Of The World

As at one side millions of people around the world are quite a lot passionate for the clothing and watches and even the perfumes. But have you ever thought...
Top 10 Expensive Things In The World

Top 10 Expensive Things In The World

Expensive thing means to be most valuable things in the world. The things which have so many values because of their rarity are expensive. These things are meant to...
Top Banquet In Karachi

Top 10 Wedding Banquets in Karachi

The wedding reception is the moment where you celebrate with your family and friends the recent union. Surprise your guests with an elegant and beautiful arrangement, with a delicious...


Cooking Recipe Of Shahi Dum Aaloo by Zubaida Tariq

Cooking Recipe Of Shahi Dum Aaloo by Zubaida Tariq
Here in this post i am sharing a delicious and top rated cooking recipe of Shahi Dum Aaloo by Zubaida Tariq. This is a very easy to made recipe.




6 Types of Tea in Pakistan

Types of Tea in Pakistan
Hot, tasty and aromatic, everyone loves tea in Pakistan, some like it with milk some like it without milk, and some like Kashmiri tea...

10 Easy Pakistani Ramadan Recipes For Iftar

10 Easy Pakistani Ramadan Recipes For Iftar
Ramadan is all nearly come to celebrate in all over the world. Ramadan Kareem is the most religious and celebrating event for Muslims of...

Why Actress Fiza Ali Left Showbiz? Here is the Reason

Another famous name of Pakistan Showbiz Industry is leaving the world of Entertainment. Before Aisha Khan got married and left showbiz. This is the...

Check Out The First Look Of iPhone SE2

The first picture of Apple's new budget iPhone SE2 (Special Edition) has been leaked. The Twitter user Ben Geskin has disclosed the image of the...

Facebook Announced New Privacy Control

Facebook has announced the introduction of new privacy controls for more than 2 billion users, according to the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)...

Update Google Chrome Browser Now

If you use Google Chrome to surf the Internet, update it immediately. Yes, Google has introduced the new version of Chrome Web Browser to Windows,...

Over 3,000 Apps Are Collecting Your Data

The news of Facebook data leaked was not over yet, another research that disturbing Internet users came out. If you feel that your personal data...

Samsung J2 Pro – A Mobile Without Internet

Samsung has quietly presented a new and cheaper smartphone for sale, and such device has never launched before by any other company first. Of course,...

Google’s Redesign Version Of Gmail

Google's e-mail service is being redesigned to the web version of Gmail, which will be introduced to users for the next few weeks. News in...

iPhone With 3 Back Cameras – Coming Soon

Huawei New Flagship P20 Pro is the world's first smartphone with 3 cameras on the back, but the iPhone may be very soon included...

Amazon Is Ready To Come To Pakistan

Amazon is one of the biggest e-commerce companies in the world, and it is likely to come to Pakistan very soon. Yes, not directly but...

Samsung Galaxy J7 Duo – First Dual Camera Of J-Series

Samsung has introduced its new "Cheap" Dual Camera Phone J7 Duo. This phone has been introduced in India, which will be available for consumers from...