Over 3,000 Apps Are Collecting Your Data

Photo Credit: Playstore.zone

The news of Facebook data leaked was not over yet, another research that disturbing Internet users came out.

Photo Credit: Androidauthority

If you feel that your personal data is just leaking from Facebook, let’s know that many apps can also be dangerous for your personal information.

According to a reportĀ from The Independent, a research has appeared in which more than 3,300 applications on Google Play are collecting children’s data.

The report states that half of the 5,855 apps on Google Play are violating US privacy laws, the law was made to protect the children under 13 years of age.

The surprising thing was that the 256 apps on Google Play attempted to find children’s location without the permission of the parent.

While other apps were acquired such as personal information about children, such as email, name, home address and phone number.

Research also showed that most of the data receiving apps are available free of charge on Google Play.

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This research works well on Android, however, no idea can be found about apps on Apple iPhone and iPad, it is believed that through the apps available on the other stores including Apple Store, apps will also be trying to get user’s data, however, it is not confirmed.


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