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In the various conflicts, the world’s most popular social networking website, Facebook has ended its easy feature of finding friends on its site.

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Since the Cambridge Analytica Scandal from Facebook, steps are being taken to win the consumer’s confidence, and now the social network CTO Mike Schroepfer has acknowledged that the scandal has affected 8 million users’ data.

He said that such measures are being taken so that it can not happen again and Facebook has disconnected a significant feature as a security adjustment for this purpose.

People could be found on Facebook by a phone number or email with this feature, and it was easier for people to find their friends with the help of this feature because finding the name of friends from multiple accounts of the same name is not easy.

However, Facebook said in a blog post that suspected elements use this feature to mislead the public profile of the first profile they found by writing their mobile number in a search box.

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And this change is going to be a lot of impacts because the company believes it is necessary to protect them.

On the other hand, Facebook has also announced changes in user data management.

Its complete details can be read in a blog post, but major changes made by Facebook are the changes to call and text history.

Regarding call and text history data for users using Messenger Lite or Facebook Lite, the company said that they are reviewing this feature and confirm that no content is being collected in the messages.

Additionally, old logs from one year will be deleted and minor data will be gathered to keep the function active.

Last month, conflicts came to the end of Android users’ messaging.


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