Google’s Top 10 Most Searched People In Pakistan 2017

Most Searched People

Google announced its annual list at the end of the year for the whole world and has also released a list of favourite searches of Pakistani people in the world. It might be difficult for you to believe, but the person who was most searched in Google from Pakistan in the year 2017, is Fabiha Shirazi, who is a supporting host at game show Jeeto Pakistan. Google released this list according to the most search keyword in Pakistan in three different categories People, Events, and News.

Google’s Top 10 Most Searched People In Pakistan

Here is a complete list of most searches of Pakistan in Google 2017.

1, Fabiha Sherazi

Most Searched People

Fabiha Sherazi was working in the game show Jeeto Pakistan with Fahad Mustafa, There is no such clear reason for her sudden fame in Pakistan but the fact is that she was the most searched person in Pakistan with more than 33,000 monthly search volume.

2, Nadeem Sarwar

Most Searched People

The most famous Noha Khuwan Nadeem Sarwar was the second most searched person in Pakistan. No doubt he is one of the favourite Noha Khuwan in Pakistan.

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3, Fakhar Zaman

Most Searched People

This left-hand opening batsman of Pakistan Cricket Team made it at 3rd position. Fakhar Zaman was one of the major reason for the wining of ICC Champions Trophy.

4, Rishi Kapoor

Most Searched People

Who can forget this Bollywood actor while ICC Champions Trophy? The trolls and jokes on social media about his statement made him the fourth most searched on Google.

5, Rida Isfahani

Most Searched People

Rida Isfahani in on number five. She was the most searched keyword on Google because of her video clip which took the social media on fire.

6, Faryal Makhdoom

Most Searched People

The Pakistani-born boxer, Amir Khan’s wife, Faryal Makhdoom, was very popular on social media because of her fight between in-laws and separation from the husband and that’s why she has got the sixth number in Google search.

7, Javed Afridi

Most Searched People

PSL Team Peshawar Zalmi’s owner Javed Afridi won the hearts of people at the time when he announced that all the foreign players of his team would come to Lahore to play the final PSL, he got the 7th number in Google search.

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8, Ahad Raza Mir

Most Searched People

Ahad Raza Mir is present in this list on the 8th number because his doctor role in the drama Yaqeen Ka Safar won hearts of millions.

9, Hania Amir

Most Searched People

Actress Hania Amir’s films were successful in 2017 and due to a dispute over a SnapChat Post, she was the focus on the social media which made her the top searched actress in Pakistan. Her rank is 9th in Google search.

10, Momina Mustehsan

Most Searched People

Momina Mustehsan has climbed up the stairs of fame for the past year and this is the reason why she is at number 10 on Google search. Her Afreen Afreen song from Coke Studio also has the high volume searches.


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