Would You Like This New WhatsApp Group Chat Feature?

Whatsapp New Group Chat Feature

The number of users of the world’s most popular Messenger Whatsapp is more than one billion thirty million, and most of them love to chat in groups. However, now there will be a feature in the Whatsapp, which you can call as a beneficial and heartbreaker. Through this feature called restricted groups, users of the group will be prevented from being a part of the chat and without the approval of the administrator, no messages will be able to become part of this group.

Would You Like This New WhatsApp Group Chat Feature?

In simple words, now users in the group will only be able to read messages and if they want to respond, they will not be able to post to this group without the approval of the admin. Access to settings for this feature will also be the only group admin that will disable all chat function for other users, while he will be able to send messages. If a user wants to answer, then he must click on the “Admin” button so if admin will approve it then the user will be able to send a message to the group. This unique feature is currently available on the WhatsApp IOS and Android Beta version.

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And yes, if an admin has approved the user in the chat then his permission will be removed after 72 hours automatically. It may be possible to have some flexibility when it is officially introduced to all users, but this feature was being requested for a long time so that inappropriate messages could be prevented from posting in the group chat. Whether you are interested in this feature, you can sign up for the beta version of the WhatsApp here.



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