LG’s New Flagship Phone Will Be Present on May 2

Photo Credit: Gadgets.ndtv

LG’s Artificial Intelligence Technology, new flagship phone G7 ThinQ will be introduced on May 2.

Photo Credit: Mobilenewsmag

The South Korean company’s Artificial Technology ThinQ was presented in the first V 30s, and it will now be part of G Series’s flagship phone.

This phone will be introduced on May 2 in New York and May 3 in Seoul, and its name is G7 ThinQ.

LG has relied on its AI technology that in a specific context it has the ability to think like humans and it is better than V 30S.

The LG did not make the features of this phone clear but some people had the opportunity to use it in the Mobile World Congress this year.

Well, the above picture is clear that it has a notch like iPhone X (10), where the dual rear camera and 5 colors will be available.

According to the previous letter, this phone will be equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor, while F 1.5 operator will improve photography in low light.

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Similarly, the possibility of having a 6GB RAM and 64GB storage potential will likely increase with the SD card.

Like G6, this will be with a glass back and metal frame, but there will also be an extra button on the side that may be for AI technology.

ThinQ is being presented as a new feature by LG in 2018, but in V 30s, this technology was limited to camera identification features.


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