Who is This Israeli Jew Man, What Is He Doing In Madina?

Ben Tzion Picture in Madina

Makkah Makramah and Madina Munawara are the cities where non-Muslims are not permitted to enter, and that is why the pictures taken inside the Mosque of Madina of the Jewish person born in Russia caused conflicts. According to the Times of Israel report, 31-year-old Ben Tzion went to the Mosque of Iran, Lebanon, Jordan and Saudi Arabia and shared his photos on his Facebook account.

Ben Tzion Picture in Madina

However, when the 31-year-old Israeli citizen shared the photo inside the Masjid e Nabwi in Madina, he saw a strong reaction to social media, after which the Instagram suspended his account, but also restored it. The picture was seen more than thirty thousand times and thousands of comments were posted before the account was suspended. This picture can be seen in Ben Tzion wearing a traditional Arab dress, which he bought from Jerusalem, Israel and he is pointing to his name written in a Hebrew on his bag.

Here is another picture from his Instagram account with an Arabic Muslim guy.

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Ben Tzio Picture in Madina from his Instagram account

In response to these photos and videos, Muslims around the world started protests on the presence of a non-Muslims in Masjid Nabwi.

According to the report, some social media users also objected that Saudi Arabia has prevented the Qatari citizens from entering their country, but ‘it seems that Israeli citizens are allowed’. On Twitter, a tag A Zionist at the Prophet’s Mosque has been trending, which has been tweeted more than 99 thousand times in 24 hours.

According to a BBC report, a Twitter user wrote in Arabic, ‘Islamic scholars are in jail and jews are in Masjid e Nabwi, it is a sad thing.’ The reaction to this picture has come after reports that there are secret relations with many Arab Muslim states of Israel.

Talking to Times of Israel, Ben Tzion emphasized that “I came as a friend and respected Islam and the Arab world, my message is that all cultures and religions should be honoured.” He said that during his visit to Tehran, the nation, Beirut o Riaz, the attitude of the people remained friendly despite his citizenship and religion. “I never had any bad experience in the Arab world,” said Ben Tzion. People knew that I was different when I wore different Arab clothes, people asked me where I came from when I told them That I belong to Jerusalem, their first reaction often happened, wow, welcome ‘.

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He further said, ‘When he goes to a holy place, he goes with respect, honour and love, never hatred or joking, I went there as a friend.’

Ben Tzion never hides his Jewish identity at any place, “Wherever I go, my name tag bag was with me, I never hide anything from people, people know that i am a Jew.”


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