iPhone With 3 Back Cameras – Coming Soon

Photo Credit: Techjuice

Huawei New Flagship P20 Pro is the world’s first smartphone with 3 cameras on the back, but the iPhone may be very soon included in the list.

Photo Credit: Caudabe

Yes, Apple is working on the manufacture of iPhone with 3-back cameras.

A report from Mac Rumors claimed that the iPhone can be introduced with 3 cameras in 2019 and these 3 cameras will be with 12 megapixels lens each.

Perhaps this third camera will help in the iPhone 5x zoom feature.

By the way, Apple always does not leave other companies to introduce new features but this company has a lot of impact on the smartphone industry.

The 3-cameras iPhone will definitely be the market for triple-camera Android phones on the market.

There are 2, 12-megapixel cameras available in the iPhone X (10) and iPhone 8 Plus, with 2x optical zoom and 10x digital zoom, but the new report is not clear that 3x zoom optical in 3-camera iPhone will be optical zoom, digital zoom or hybrid of both.

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By the way, it is believed that taking photos and video record capability does not have much to do with lens counts and megapixels, but image rendering software, lens sensors, HDR algorithms, optical imaging stabilization and other elements of a phone camera performance is important.

Apple currently has no response to the manufacture of this new iPhone, which could surprise its competitor company Samsung,


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