How Are New Flagship Phones From Huawei?

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Chinese company Huawei is about to introduce its new flagship phone p20 (3 mobiles of this series) at the end of the month, but now after the new leak comes out, now the device seems to have come to know all the information before. Evan Blass have leaked photographs and details of new smartphones on Twitter behind the P20, P20 Lite, and P20 Pro.

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In these three devices, the Chinese company keeps the bezel very low but only the bottom is the bezel, while in the upper part like iPhone x (10) selfie camera and sensors are given. These leaked pictures also show that the three phones are quite different from each other by removing the basic design.

Like the P20 and P20 Pro, both appear in a button below the fingerprint scanner on screen, while in the P20 light it is available on the sensor back. Similarly, the camera also looks different on all three phones.

The branded dual camera set up on P20 that appeared in the previous year in P10. There are also dual rear cameras in the P20 light but the brand does not appear. However, the most interesting is the P20 Pro, which features branded 3 cameras.

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The news of a set up of a triple camera also came before, indicating how Huawei gave it to its promo clip but the details were not revealed.

But these pictures from the P20 Pro cleared that the upper dual cameras work together, such as P10 cameras, which takes a sensor monochrome photo, while the other take color photos, after which the two pictures together. A more detailed picture format is available.

But in this new phone, the third camera is likely to increase the optical zoom as it is in the iPhone X and iPhone 8 Plus or like LGV 30. If this leak is correct, the P20 series will prove to be very interesting, especially the pro models, as far as 3 cameras were not given in any phone.

It is believed that this phone will be introduced on March 27 at a function by Huawei.


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