Google’s Unique Doodle On International Women’s Day

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Where Google releases a special doodle to highlight the importance of other day-long days, the search engine released a unique doodle for the tribute to women. Google has shared stories of 12 different female artists on the doodle released on International Women’s Day.

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Though the doodle is a bit unique, however, there are 12 different stories of women in the doodle released on Women’s Day, described in the pictures. The story open which has created, by clicking on the image of one of the 12 female artists who appeared on the Google Doodle homepage. After opening the story of the artist, more pictures can be seen included in this story with the help of the mouse.

Stories of the 12 artists in the Google Doodle have been shared, in which the story of Chihiro Takeuchi shows the different levels of human age, as well as the interesting story of his aunt in the story of the Esteli Meza.

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The Country story in the story of Safa Khan, Trust in the story of Philpa Raisa and In the story of Francesca Santa, ‘The Box’ while the history and struggle of ‘November 1989’ have been shown in Anna Haifisch’s story.

So 12 stories of the 12 artists are printed on unique topics hidden in 12 pictures.

After viewing a story, the user has to click on the menu to go back to the main page, as well as the women’s doodle is also allowed to share on social media.


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