Google’s Redesign Version Of Gmail

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Google’s e-mail service is being redesigned to the web version of Gmail, which will be introduced to users for the next few weeks.

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News in this regard came in front in the previous day and it was told that the web version of Gmail is to be taken near a version of mobile devices.

Now the screenshot of the new Gmail Design images has come up, which is currently being conducted by Google and its partners.

This new design includes some elements of the Google material design, while some new features will also be found to users who were introduced to the Google Inbox.

The most popular web version has the arrival of smart reply, this is the feature that provides users with the option of quick reply to email users in a mobile version.

Similarly, new features of snooze is coming forward, which will disappear emails from the inbox for a specific time so that the specific users’ email can be kept away as long as the user is not ready to respond.

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Both of these features are currently part of the Google Inbox app for Gmail in smartphones and are now being offered on the Gmail Web site.

Apart from this, a new sidebar is also being offered in the new design, which will have an option to use Google Calendar or other email messages.

Three new layouts from Google will also be provided, including highlights attachment and default view of pictures, messaging compact view and others.

In the next few weeks, Google’s new changes will be introduced to Gmail users, which will be scheduled for the next month in the Google IO Developer Conference.


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