Google Chrome Mute Feature For Autoplay Videos

Google Chrome Autoplay Feature

Google is going to launch a very useful feature for its browser Chrome, which will be very beneficial for its users. If you keep the headphones using the Internet, you’ll definitely be worried when an advertisement suddenly starts to tear the ears in a loud voice. But now you will not face this problem on Google Chrome because you can get rid of this issue by just tweaking some settings.

A 64-bit beta version of Google Chrome has been added to a new update that will let you enable and disable the autoplay videos.

Google Chrome Autoplay Feature

According to Google, after downloading this update you will find a green lock on the top right of the browser where you will see a drop-down menu with a sound icon which will let you allow or block the background sound on the website. After this, the auto-play video will not be able to execute the ads or sounds on this website.

This feature is one of the main features which is introduced in the new Chrome browser that aims to save web browsing and save people from inappropriate ads.

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This browser is now has a built-in popup blocker and redirect traffic has been made more difficult for harmful sites. According to Google, one of the five users has submitted the feedback regarding that they are forced to watch unnecessary content while surfing the web on the desktop.

This beta version will be available to all users for the next month.


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