Facebook Introduced Its Picture Guard Feature For Pakistani Users

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Facebook has introduced a feature for users of Pakistan that they will definitely like because another person will not be able to steal their profile pictures for any purpose.

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Yes, Facebook is introducing new tools in Pakistan, with which users will get more control.

In simple words, this feature aims to protect users’ profile picture from the risk of access to other people.

This feature has been named as a picture guard in which user’s friends and people can share and download their picture according to their wish.

Facebook’s profile photos are also being added to a design so that their abuse should be stopped.

According to Facebook it has got a lot of popularity in India and is now being presented in other countries where people want more control over their profile pictures.

According to Facebook, we are providing more convenient ways for people who can add designs on profile pictures and our research has shown that this will effectively help prevent the profile from abuse.

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Facebook says that, in the developing countries, women are scared to share their pictures on this social networking website, because they fear that they should not be used for any wrong purpose.

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The Facebook statement further states that the share of Facebook and Clipboard will be disabled to your profile by clicking on the Picture Guard.

Similarly, the people who are not your friends on Facebook will not tag anyone in your profile as well, it will not be possible to take a profile photo screenshot from Android devices while the photo as a protective with a mark of round border and shield.

“We found that people in Pakistan want more control over their profile pictures,” said Nasshay Ell, the Facebook Middle East and Africa Head of Policy. We have been working on last year since how we can help. This feature is our commitment to keep people safe in the online world.

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According to the statistics of the cyber-harassment help line, when the online safety of Pakistan is mentioned, it appears that women are the most vulnerable. Women have very issues in the world of online from fake profile to fake picture.¬†Facebook’s new profile Picture Guard is the best tool to help women get their online space back.¬†This will allow women to have control over their online identity and will help them start to deal with gender harassment in the online world.


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