Facebook Is About To Expedite This Feature

Facebook Is About To Expedite This Feature

Facebook has finally announced the end of this feature that was crushed by millions of people.

Yes, Facebook has announced in a blog post that it is now eliminating the feature of third-party apps and games. This is the feature that often works for games like Farm Ville or anyone else. These notifications are sent to users using those gaming apps because they need friends for their ‘crops’ or ‘cooking’.

However, this is the feature that was very important for the initial life of Facebook, whose goal was to increase the number of users.

Now Facebook is about to expedite this feature and it will be completely eliminated by February 2018. Similarly, some other features are being removed from Facebook, including third-party like buttons. The ending of these will mean that you will not be able to access a page using another app, but for that, you have to go to this page on Facebook.


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