Facebook Announced “Unsend Message” Feature For Messenger

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Facebook is the world’s most popular social networking website, which uses millions of people daily to chat with each other directly through this social network, but there is a problem that if a message goes wrong It is not possible to return or delete it.

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However, the good news is that now Facebook has announced to introduce┬áthe “Unsend Message” feature for users.

This announcement was done when it was revealed on the last day that Facebook is successfully deleting messages sent to CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s Messenger.

After this discovery, the company has announced that the feature of calling back messages will be available to all Messenger users very soon.

This ‘Unsend’ feature will be introduced in the next few months, but the company does not specify more details about how it will work.

There is currently a Secret Conversation mode in the Messenger, in which users can set the time to automatically delete their messages.

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However, the feature like this was introduced in the messaging app Whatsapp last year, through which users can delete the message after sending it during a special time.

However, this message does not disappear, but the other person gets a note that the message that has been deleted.

Similarly, the same feature also exists in the Instagram.

Well, Mark Zuckerberg’s old facebook messages were missing from other users inbox while the company’s rules and regulations were not clear about deleting messages according to the company’s standards.


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