Facebook Announced New Privacy Control

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Facebook has announced the introduction of new privacy controls for more than 2 billion users, according to the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and it will apply to 25.

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The Facebook will be asked to review the privacy option from the user anywhere in the world and it will be told how the company uses this targeted advertising for the information listed in their profile.

The company has announced the introduction of facial recognition feature in Europe and Canada again, which was banned after judicial decisions 7 years ago, which said that Facebook’s photo tagging system is collecting biometric data without users’ will.

A blog post on Facebook said that new controls will be introduced to European users during the first week, after which it will be extended worldwide.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerburg had already stated that European data protection controls can be introduced around the world and users will be given the option to accept data settings or to customize them.

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Users will be asked from Facebook on whether they want to share political, religious and relationships information on their profile while deleting the profile information will also be made easier.

According to the European Data Protection Rules, companies may face penalties for collecting data without user’s wish.

Facebook said in blog post that users can also choose if the company can use their data to show ads.

European and Canada users will also have the opportunity to choose face-recognition products, which they will be able to know who is posting their photos.

Interestingly, during the week a U.S. court has decided that Facebook may face claims of compensation (billions of dollars of potential penalties) on Tag Suggestion Feature, as it undermines biometric data without user’s wish.

It is believed that since the Cambridge Analytica data scandal, Facebook is facing severe criticism, with which millions of users’ data were used without their will during U.S. elections.

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On this issue, Mark Zuckerberg was also involved in the annoying of American House representatives, while apologizing for various interviews and publication of the apologize advertisements in newspapers.


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