Disclosure of Facebook Messenger Chat Scanning

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During the last few weeks, Facebook has been severely criticized for use of consumer’ data (Cambridge Analytica Scandal) and call data of Android users, and now another problem has been erected for them.

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Now it has revealed that the Facebook scans the contents of messages sent to each other by consumers in Messenger app so that they can block people against company’s violation of the principles.

By doing so, the company may have a positive goal, but this disclosure has increased the concerns of the users about the world’s most popular social networking website.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg confirmed during an interview last week to scan all the content.

He said in a press release by Fox that personal messages include Rohingya Muslims Killing in Myanmar were scanned and removed.

After this statement, it came to an end that Facebook scanned the messages of the users, which was confirmed by a Facebook spokesperson.

According to the spokesperson, When a user sends a picture on Facebook, our automated system scan uses its photographic matching technology to identify photographs of exploitation of children. When a link is sent, we scan it for malware or viruses. The company has made these tools so that it can stop bad behavior on their platform immediately.

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According to the company, data obtained from the Messaging scan is not used for advertising, but it is to prevent people from exploiting, insulting or otherwise.

Similarly, users can flag posts or messages at the time when they believe that the company’s principles have been violated.

However, the company did not deny whether they read messages or not with removing pictures or links.

But after Facebook’s recent conflicts, it is going to cause trouble for the company.

Even before the Cambridge Analytica Scandal, Mark Zuckerberg had to apologize to the customers in newspapers and his statements, and further steps were announced to prevent such conflicts.

In the Facebook Messenger, the option of end-to-end encryption to avoid this problem that the user has to do turn on.

For this, go to a Messenger Chat window, click the icon at the top left and then turn it on by selecting secret conversation.


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