Check Out This Unique Smart Glasses Headphone

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Glasses introduced by many other technology companies, including Google and Snapchat, are your examples, not only cameras but they also work on eyes signs like mobile and computer.

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However, now a new technology company ‘Base’ has already planned to introduce a unique glass, which has not surprisingly cameras.

Although the ‘Augmented Reality (AR)’ technology has been used in Bass’s Smart Glasses, however, it has not been given cameras.

These glasses have to enhance the quality of the audio around the user, however, many features and apps can be used through the screens in the glasses.

The special thing special about the Base AR technology is that it will offer all the scenes in an enormous fact, namely, they will offer real scenes like alternative HD and Virtual Reality.

These special Smart AR glasses will also be able to control the user by shaking their head, it will also connect with the thousands of audio-visual library through the internet and exclusive apps.

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It is likely that the feature will also be given in AR glasses, which will translate the spoken language by any person and facilitate the user as audio.

Although Glass and Mobile cannot be done with these glasses, However, it will be able to operate several internet apps with the screen.

It was not immediately known when the company would introduce these glasses, but it is likely that they will be introduced to the United States, then in Europe and later Asia soon.

It is believed that these glasses will be more popular than the glasses made with Google and Snapchat cameras.


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