Check Out These New Interesting Features Of WhatsApp

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If you use the WhatsApp on an Android smartphone, quick updating this Messenger will give you an opportunity to use a few new features.

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Yes, WhatsApp has introduced a few new features for the Android version.

Adding the group description, info of group members through the screen and transfer easily from voice call to video call.

It is believed that the group description was presented in the beta version of the WhatsApp, while the voice and video call options were introduced earlier for IOS users.

Through the WhatsApp group description, users will write an introduction phrase about their group easily by clicking on the group name.

In writing this phrase, a message will be revealed in the group that this member has added an introduction while on end of the phrase, it will also inform the group through notification.

Along with the admins, the common group members will also be able to add a description.

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On the demand of the consumer, WhatsApp has provided switching option during the voice calls to video calls in the Android version.

It is believed that the WhatsApp has increased the time of deleting error message sent to iOS and Windows users by 8 minutes and 32 seconds, an hour is 8 minutes and 16 seconds.


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