Check Out The Original Cost Of Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

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Samsung’s new flagship phones S9 and S9 plus Friday (March 15) will be available to consumers in different countries and people are excited to buy it.

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This new phone is the same as the last year’s S8 design, but its hardware and software have been significantly improved, ie the most fast-moving processor, but the first time set up of dual cameras in an S-series, which can help in taking a detailed picture like DSLR.

Dual camera set S9 Plus’ price has been kept by the company, could raise $840 or 93 thousand Pakistani rupees (this may vary in most countries), but a research company, Tech Inspect, claimed that the South Korean company was preparing the same set at 379 dollars (approximately 42,000 Pakistani rupees).

However, the cost is more than the previous year’s S8 plus, which was $343, due to which the new phone has a more advanced camera system and dual camera setup.

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It is believed that currently, the war began to maximize the cameras between Apple, Samsung, Google and other smartphone companies, is designed to attract users to their devices.

The new report states that Samsung has paired the 12-megapixel of S8 Plus with the best 12-megapixel of Note 8 to make a new module and it has been much better than earlier and it costs $48.

In addition, Samsung S9 Plus has a 6.2-inch LED screen, which costs $72.50, processor cost is $68 and parts of memory is a cost of $51.

Overall Samsung will earn more than 50% profit from the cost of sales, while iPhone earns 61% profit on Apple iPhone X.



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