Cheap Apple iPhone is Likely To Be Introduced Soon


In a news agency in China, the supply chain sources were told that Apple plans to introduce the latest version of its small iPhone SE to the beginning of the next year. The report further states that this phone can be introduced during the first quarter of 2018. Apple announced its iPhone SE in March 2016. iPhone SE was the first cheapest Apple’s iPhone which was sold for $399 only.

iPhone SE new model will be equipped with high defination features

The company has made it clear that it is intended to introduce small and cheap iPhone for developing countries so that the number of users can be increased. When the iPhone SE was introduced, it was currently equipped with the power and features as iPhone 6S.

It can now be expected that its updated version may be equipped with same features as iPhone 8, while replacing the earlier A9 to the new A10 processor that is part of iPhone 7.


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